Twist and Shout

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Wild hair, breezy air even my thoughts can take me there. seagulls cry, time flys by in the distance, I hear the tide. Long, crazy grass glittering sea glass. 
Notes pour from meAs my fingers glide along the stringsA smile grows upon my faceAs my guitar begins to singBlocking out the noise of the worldI am one with the musicCreating a harmonious signal
Every day, my life passes by. With sorrow and happiness. With depression and exhilaraion. But every day I get by, by going to my own privte getaway. The place whre I am always happy when I'm down.
I don't share popcorn with people.
When I'm on the diamond I feel at home When I'm on the diamond It's my own little dome. When I'm on the diamond I become very calm When I'm on the diamond I need no balm.
Grab your tea Snuggle in tight Bring forth the Tributes.                Sail the sea                Take flight                Push back reality. Turn back the cover
The bell rings, Last first day of school, The smell of sweat already, The papers from teachers that all say the same, The nasty school lunch, The friends you have till the end, Senior year,
When I go through the drive thru, I always see you there When I roll down the window, I smell you here and there   All I eat is YOU No burgers, shakes, or nuggets   You are w
Strong Independent Breaking the air with the strength of a feather There can’t be anything better Than an owl in its prim Wise Wonderful Beauty beyond compare
For every mistake theirs a new beginning. For every today theirs a better tomorrow to be wining. Every step will make you closer avoid being farther. Looking forward can make that change happen.
A smile on my friend's silly face, A warm, happy hug, an embrace A child's laughter and joy, And their play with a toy.   A simple meal and a chair, A kind word, not a stare,
I met a man who knew more than I did  and for those reasons, He gave me wisdom to last me till my hair turns grey  and when my skin wouldn't be soft anymore. He gave me a heart
A dash of joy, A pinch of smile, Remove all bad memories, Throwing away things all vile...   Stir in the fun, Chop up and mix in every great time, Pour into soul and body,
Stop being poor How? Magic? You’re assuming we got here because we’re Lazy Unemployed Uneducated Well news flash we’re not   Stop being poor Single mothers on welfare
  I missed waking up at a set time,
My horse is my world There are only three barrels Three chances to get disqualified In those 18 seconds your life could change You feel your hearts combine And you know your gunna give it your all
The Jazz of My Life is the reason I'm up late My baby is a chocolate milkshake On a hot , August day
I let it go. I gave up. I stood my ground and was put down.
I'm proud of who I am to be Mostly because I speak my mind But mostly because I am me.   Some people say I'm too soft spoken I just don't have much to say really
Acceptance It is neither a word nor a phrase It shouldn’t be earned but given It should be an emotion Felt through the eyes of non believers I am accepted for who I am
Mama’s on the couch, leaning against Daddy Heads tossed back, laughter mingling together My brothers arguing good naturedly        My sister curled up away from me, sleeping These are a few of my favorite things
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