Stop Being Poor


Stop being poor



You’re assuming we got here because we’re




Well news flash we’re not


Stop being poor

Single mothers on welfare

Alcoholic prostitute

Fat, lazy,


They get up every morning at 5 AM

Take their kids to school

Go to work, gets paid minimum wage

And won’t get home till as late as 9 pm


Stop being poor

Get rid of food stamps

Let the children of America live a life 

Wondering when they’ll eat a real dinner

They already get stamps on their hands after they buy cafeteria food that shout

“my family doesn’t have money”                       

Giving the bullies just another reason to throw them on the ground and make them bleed


Stop being poor

The people in poverty they’re everywhere

On the bus

Next Street down from your house

In your classes

Standing in front of you speaking into this microphone

I speak for myself, my family, our peers, our community, and 44.3% of the united states of America.

You want me to stop being poor

I can’t.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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