Jazz of My Life


The Jazz of My Life is the reason I'm up late

My baby is a chocolate milkshake

On a hot , August day

That's the Jazz of My Life

Never thought I'd find a treasure hidden in my world

Then I found diamond and pearls in the heart of a young girl

That's the Jazz of My Life

Her body moves heavenly

Her hips love swaying to my melodies

In my ears she's telling me 

There's nothing I wouldn't do just to please you

I'll never leave you

She's the Jazz of My life

And my Jazz is smooth, Cocoa butter

Chocolate saxophones serenade teenage hormones

I swear her body is a commodity that's not common to me

I love these 4 am conversations on the house phone

But our LOVE is richer than Donald Trump

Her body is covered in chocolate curves and bumps

She's the Jazz of My Life

Maybe because we so much alike

Her big brown eyes gives my heart daylight

I now know what heaven feels like

I love the Jazz Of My Life







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