Passionate People

I deeply admired them

for they held passion as if it were love

carefully tending to it so it does not falter or wilt like a gentle daffodil

they let it burn to their very core, eventually creating a pulse of its own

The way their very lips curled up without hesitation at the very question, "Do you know what you want to do when you grow up?"

Their reply seemed abrupt but yet so freshly delightful

Their whole body filled with numerous sensations, their hands performing a unusual dance of motions and rhythms, while their face seemed to perform its own ritual

It wasn't just the dazzling emotions that seethed through every piece of their being, it was the love, the certainty and the confidence that made the whole sight a wonder

They had all their goals set about them as if they were organizing papers in various color coded files

every dream had meaning and a belief that it could be accomplished

making it ever so sweet, much like the first bit of nectar tasted by the bees

But they weren't just any bees

they didn't want to be tiny soldiers, they refused to live in a way that was ordinary

they wished to live like the dandelion seeds blowing in the wind, letting their hearts fled about them

Eventually the seeds landed and it was as if the very blueprint that was made for them had been laid at their feet

From then on they knew what would make their heart sing and they chased it without hesitation



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