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Institutions are a model train set of the politicians and their supporters. The only thing that seems right to me is to follow the golden rule. In a society of mass shootings and
Another day Like the days gone Days gone into monthsLike any other day Of no news No message Another day Of wishes and rumours Hopes and horrors Maybe it is still true
The Saturday morning phone  should not be put to such use. Your news now mine to put across, to drive, to put them in the picture, end their sick and grey uncertainty.  
I say that America is screwed That I don't want to be here anymore  That I'm leaving first chance I get But as frustrated as I am will I ever truly leave?
The Kaffeeklatch It's 9AM on a Monday. The Grey haired seniors gather at the same ol' coffee shop, wearing their varied camouflage, sports, and veterans hats.
Dear Girl on the Other Side of the World,   I want to ask “how are you?” But those are just words. Empty noise. You won’t give me an honest answer I won’t give you an honest listen.  
Dear You (yes, YOU, reading this), when they write us down in history, what is left to remember us by? will it be the rumble of our cars passing by? spewing posionus gasses that will fill our infant's eyes.
My emotions move slow Trying to keep my head low I'm pent up  And ready to blow That's what I know  I'm sick I'm lonely And home sick Missing kid shit And wanting to split
Rora wakes up to the sound of Monday morning news, except, she doesn’t know what it’s talking about:  nonsense, fighting over agreeing,  two sides of the same coin.  The nurse comes rushing, 
"This Just In,   The issues of society have made different varieties Of opinions, thoughts, and actions Causing riots in the factions And laws to be completely changed,  
Again, I am here Again, I am at a loss Again, I haves questions Again, there's no answers Again, a stastic Again, lives equals numbers Again, the desensitation Again, the lack of underestanding
I'm tiered of waking up to see the news. How many died? Who bombed who? When I see the headlines I sigh, They outnumber those that show any hope, Faith in humanity so hard to restore.  
He came over eyes livid  jaw clenched, chin forward body stiff. a tiger waiting to pounce I watched
(i’m going to tell you a story today, a story that reads like a nursery rhyme that’s how common it is, and i’m going to tell you all the parts, all the facets of it that show a different picture like the faces on a diamond slowly turning
The tv is turned up my music off. Family gone, im alone. Im on the edge of my seat, begging for more news. Wanting more information. My bestfriend of 13 years is missing. She ran off woth two others.
I am the shadow of the person I used to be, still happy and involved,Sullen eyes and wearyWalking along like the deadWho would expect me to be where I am now? “The world is your oyster, how could you complain about the way your life is?”“Think of
On the news today (a boy, age eight - ) Trump called Kelly a bimbo a boy tripped into a million dollar painting  and
Why does every planet have a moon? Why can't these words lift up out this tune. Why are there police shooting, innocent kids, like politics are crictal? But this rhymes I'm spitting are lyrical. Guess it's the sign of the days.
Brian Williams As NBC anchor made millions. Suspended while lying during a muse Credibility not necessary for a move to Fox "News".
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All I wanted was to breathe. Breathe deeper and let it go. Go where I had never gone before. Before.... That's a confusing term for many. Many years ago. One year? One day? Day one. He was there.
In the darkest night under the full moon My heart aches for the news that will come soon As it cries out for the resolution That news that had two conclusions The news that determine my destiny in life
A cliff threatens to give way An innocent woman, a man did prey The hearts of 7 Marine families heavily weigh Thieves break in, 911 called with no delay
Those words I just don't care What do they mean? You hit a man on a bicycle and that's the only thing you can say? Your car Is it worth more then this man life? His wife
When I was young, my father always told me "Son, work hard and one day you'll make much money." At that time, I was still trying to sustain basic relations I didn't worry much about public education.  
Sitting, day after day In a cold boring room, The light bulbs flicker away And the air reeks of gloom.   The walls hold me tight, They keep me in line, Remind me night after night,
My parents call me into the living room, My siblings stand with me, My father has been on the phone For half an hour.   I had a surgery last week, We were hoping I had no cancer, We were hoping
Why did you have to leave? Why did you have to be there? Why did he have to take you? Having to see everyone and everything around me so gloomy was horrifying.
Days Flash by. Each busier than the last. And nervousness snakes in. Anticipation grows. Excitement lies in wait, strikes out – swallowing everything whole.
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