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I think I'm okay for now. I'm okay. Not perfect. Not bad. But okay. I guess that's okay. I'm not more than fine.
For awhile I've been down I hadn't smilied, always a frown I had been depressed My life's a mess, super stressed Used to slit my wrists But now I'm balling up my fists
Hey, you. Yeah, you. It's ok to be sad. But I just wanna tell you that you're loved. Okay? It's ok to want to be alone. But I just wanna tell you that I'm here for you. Okay?
Am I Okay September 14, 2018 ~ Friday Kicking, screaming out for help Sneakers, gloves, here they come Running through the halls
I wish I was okay But I'm not  I wish things weren't this way But they are   Tell me this much Not just enough to leave you alone Tell me much more So I can feel you soul  
You will never figure me all the way out so do not even try but my love for you will explain the unexplainable and we will be okay Dwelling on an argument will get us no place we are fond of
"Go kill yourself" Okay What would you say if I did it Can't take back what you've written You're like a snake And I got bitten   You think I won't make my bed And lie in it?
All I wanted was okay as a child, a teen, and an adult All I want is okay to smile, to laugh, and to live And to be okay No struggle, no strife, and no pain
In the beginning I always considered myself to be like Sherlock Holmes Logical, a little impractical, stubborn, and Alone. Not by anything other than choice of course. But alone nonetheless  
You’re making me new Giving me a new groove. Wiping clear the past, Correcting us with Your divine chast. While the rod de God hurts
Please don't come back for my dead body in the Woods. At least there my corpse would be the king of the Flies And my soulless body won't only be home to Depression and Anxiety and
i used to be every girl in every song you heard i used to pollute your mind and populate your world but it's not okay anymore and you don't want me there the way you did before
i called you babe last night in a dream you stuttered but said love what do you need? and made me your heart and i felt whole again by being just yours every hair on end you took my hand
After the storm passes, Before the darkness hits, Cease to think about the bad that has happened, Don’t let it consume you. You will be okay, you are okay. -K.D.
"Just know, It wasn't your fault you left The promises you never kept The clogged up feeling deep in my chest Like my concious refuses to rest Knowing I must complete the quest
"Your smile was      fading                               Changing                              Rearranging  Its not the same As it used to be Cause you don't feel free I can hear your screams
Define okay; then I can tell you
You love my food, but you add salt.
Day one, It's okay. The days pass, weeks inch by, But it all seems to move too slowly.
The feeling of depression bogs you down, all the negatives are collapsing over and over again. No one is there, and no one can help, No one knows you, and you are all alone.
It's a day And that's okay In the month of May That's alI I have to say Have a swim by the bay!
You told me You told me the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice. But now I realize that not everybody has the same taste. So your eyes partake of my identity and you spit me out of your mouth and exclaim
I know this girl named Ana, And it's scary what she does.
The world is filled with bitches.   Women got beauty confused with skin hanging out their britches. Hoes, tricks, and sluts.  No longer judged by the expression on one's face but what looks good on their butt.
People should aspire to be themselves Where did the masks get put on Where did this all start The root source will forever be unknown Why are we as humans continuing this tyranny All we have to do is 
"How was your day?" "Okay." Because "okay" is Less of a lie Than "Good" or even "Fine." O K A Y. Each letter is thick, Another layer between Me and the world.
Maybe you fall down sometimes Maybe the voices speak up again Maybe you get lost easily Maybe you don’t have to have everything figured out Maybe… Maybe some days are harder than others
I've crossed that bridge, I've known that path, I've stumbled down that hill.   I've cried those tears, I've felt that pain, I've strugged and still will.   They told me once,
is it sad that tonight as i prayed i asked god  that if someone was to die tonight...  if someone who doesn't deserve to die... someone who is loved and is pure of heart
just because there are bigger problems in the world doesn't mean yours
Darkness my friend, reaching out to me,
I remember in middle school feeling depressed throughout the days. I remember on my worst days that if I ended it now, everything will be okay.
you're warm
Okay. By definition means satisfactory in a satisfactory manner. 
(I wake up feeling) the numb that accompanies that white pill                                          (that) killer of (pain,) I took last night. I feel the loneliness
I wouldn't say that everything is fine I don't believe in happiness Every breath is harder And maybe I am afraid. I wouldn't say I am fine. I wouldn't say I am okay. because I'm not okay.
Everything's okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end.   Eyes like glass. Unfathomable pain behind these eyes.   There's a fine line. One wrong move and it will snap.  
I remember it just like it was yesterday I recall the look upon your face shock, surprise, possibly fullfillment. Even the very words you uttered, "are you okay?" Unfortunately, this was
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