You will never figure me all the way out so do not even try

but my love for you will explain the unexplainable

and we will be okay

Dwelling on an argument will get us no place we are fond of

Never let us sit on a disagreement for more than three days

Isolation equals separation after all; never leave me alone

and we will be okay

I am the way that I am and I may never change

so when you swear to love me forever make sure that you mean it

and we will be okay

Intimacy doesn't always mean sex; do not just tell me you love me

Show me actions to go along with your speech

and we will be okay

I love you I need to see your emotions

Cry on my shoulder, long for my comfort

Allow me to see every emotion you possess

and we will be okay

You will never go through your problems alone

when you became a part of me, your problems became mine too

set your pride aside and let yourself lean on me

and we will be okay

It is okay to have time apart

abscense makes the heart grow fonder

but know I will miss you every second you are gone

just call me when you get home safely

and we will be okay

Know that I am not easy to love and that is no secret to me

but understand that if you love me in spite of my flaws, 

I will owe you the world in return 

because you have done what many others could not

and because of this

we are going to be okay

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