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A blank piece of paper, soon to be something I will give to you.   I fold it in half, beginning the creation.   Visualizations of what will happen flood my head.   What if you don't like it?  
Feelings will make you walk on air And also put tingles in your toes They can make you feel warmth all over They can also make your heart glow Some feelings can cause you to act silly
Cold of glaciers chill my bones Sweeping down from mountains Icy streams and cool winds Stealing heat from stifling days Pulling me back into myself An individual among individuals
Our world is full of complexity that we face competitively. One thing we dread is the future in our head.   "Hush!" the powerful say, wanting us gone far away. Quietly we move on,
Captain, surely they cannot expect me to lead. Surely there will be instructions left for me. This ocean is vast and will swallow you whole surely a child isn’t meant to battle it alone.
I see a dove, a dove without its wings, Like it cannot fly, one cannot be free,  And so my heart inquisitively sings, What is the freedom that one can agree? For possessing not freedom is what feeds:
Dear girl,   Why are you living like tomorrow won't come? Why are you running from what's already here? Like you're running out of time
if you could only take the why out of it  what’s yours could have been ours
To be seen through the thickest glass. To know you are heard by not one but two ears. To lean on someone who you think of as your other half.  To look in their eyes and see your whole life ahead of you.
In the beginning, God was the only one who had the gift of existence and he shared that gift with us.God also gave the gift of existence to Jesus and the angels and if you ask me, that was generous.
Jehovah God gives people gifts, my gift is the ability to write.When we think about what God does for us, it causes delight.Albert Einstein wouldn't have been a genius without God's contribution.
In life we are given many tokens of worldly greatness,Staring us in the eyes through a mist,A dark fog with nowhere to see anything in front of us,Except for those objects that are inanimate.
When you say that you are fine, It leaves me lost to where your heart lies; What to make of such a quandary With diction so abstract in nature - I am granted the privilege akin to a diety:
They didn't come in a package I wasnt given a choice They welcomed my with open arms They brought me into this world with pure hearts The breath of life could be the gift of life
Smile please... Really, to say the truth I don't know what to write.. I'm not a great person like you to impress... I hope there is no gifts for you, other than my few words in this four papers...
thAnk you forcoming back againin my Lifefor i missed so you foundAnyone like me? but for meno Real friendhave i Metso as youwere/are to be
Seventh of the eightSeveral wishes did cameWith just two calls andDid it all end
Life is a gift we should not take,Love from the heart we should not break.Memories, there are so many,And people we know, well, I know plenty.Our purpose here, I do believe,Is to give our gifts, not to recieve.
Are the Gods gift to the world. Some famous and some just common folks.   Poets are descents of story-tellers. All poets see a need, to be told.   Some poems are serious.
One Day I lost you, disappeared in thin Air, I went searching for you but could not find you anywhere Oh the grief you have caused I nearly pulled out my Hair, I looked up, down, all around but nowhere
  They say that the sap can cause a reaction  The way the pure, tart blood stains your fingertips  As you puncture each seed with feen and rejoice  
Conception. Two cells coming together to create one new being. A small precious person growing, living. Compacted with purpose and potential in a tiny figure, so soft and sweet.  Ready to make the future reality.
I was thinking of what to give you when i dived into a world of dreams and imaginations.
Eyes torn, eyes bright; reaching  Hands clasped, outstretched; speaking. They tell my story, they lived my days: of teary-eyed nights but persistent days, spent studying, searching, for the ones who helped me see,
My heart crawls through the world, Yet my pulse only stutters when my gift is unwrapped.   Thoughts run dull when its ribbon glistens bright, Drool trips over as the color turns ripe,
a precious gift made to be cherished by one
Sun burns self to give us light, nevertheless, it is strong. Signifies, sacrifice doesn't weaken but makes us strong. © Sadashivan Nair. All rights reserved
You gave me life, You gave me strength, You held my hand, You taught me walk, When could barely stand... You cared my life,  Till could manage my own life...
Oh Life, how magnificient, how wondrous... How you throw forgotton souls unto the precipice, the precipice of hell; you teach them of love, from the milk
I hide to stay safe
18 years of my life have come to pass, 18 years of emotions both good and bad. When I was born I was told I'd be destined for great things, and even with the screw ups and faults you all think that way as it would seem.
O, woe is evangeliqueWhose eminence brightly shades usWhose glory cares and saves senseBecoming rational everyday
Lord I forgot What it is to be hated I forgot why the crowd's ever swaying Against us. We Your body Made up of broken battered people Crowd under dirty crooked steeples. No wonder they hate us.
  Gone with the Wind             There’s a pin             A little sin             Come here             Don’t go dear            
  Diamond shine             Wondrous, exciting, grand             Raising life to new heights             Brilliant in form             Unlike most who teach
  Coming Too Close             Jump on me             Let me flee             One which way             Go away            
  Always will remain             Be unique             Different from the rest             Bright, cunning, awesome             A star in moonlight
  Gone Away but Why Not Stay             Once upon a time             You and I             Close in ties             Bond and all            
  Sunshine over Time             Glow from there             Stand right here             Let the world             Find your light            
  A Worthy Father             Grand and blessed             You came into my life             When it was a great big mess
  Grace in Structure             Yielding much ardor             An iron wall of enthrallment             Eyes take refuge in your standings
She lived in Kenya, Only knew her ABC's, Moved to America at eleven years old, Taught herself English, No one helped her, She fell behind, And yet her heart never failed,
A Reflection of pure               Brought from mists             Darting away             Flashing my sight             Creasing a smirk            
Jordan Mathews             Jolly in sight             A women of grace             Beautiful and bright
I lost it the simplistic nature of poetry the words no longer pour from my lips No longer do my message speaks on the shadows of the soul   Writers block they call it Though I call it the end
"They just don't know." I thought to myself, "They just don't understand it." "If only they knew that there are few who have this gift and cherish it." Many see school as quite a bore.
You think you're hot sh*t don't you because your clothes fit you and you got a nice whip riding after school. You think you're hot sh*t don't you because we will never be like you
Why I write Is to breathe Its how I express what's inside of me   Winning a scholarship would call for celebration For my schooling would not be in hestitation... of worrying  
Scared. Have you ever been so scared of losing it (your Gift from God) that you'd never get that lucky break, the prize you'd win if only you could change the stakes erase the fate
Black like a crow, White like snow, A sound that I have come to know. Hands on the keys, Playing with ease, Not many know it's my expertise. Tells me stories Each time I play
I can't believe it you are gone !  I had you for 15 years then I met him! I thought he was the one! I knew I was young, but I found out late that I was dumb! I just fell in love with him! I was in too deep!
Being someone’s option is never a good feeling Hoping and praying to be someone’s one and only Just to be told that you were just a choice that wasn’t chosen It doesn’t feel too good
Thought. It's as deep as an ocean. Blissful as the cool autumn breeze. Frightening as the monsters of our nightmares. Mysterious as the shadows of a cave. Without thought, we would be nothing.
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