a gift at present

thAnk you for
coming back again
in my Life
for i missed

so you found
Anyone like me?

but for me
no Real friend
have i Met
so as you
were/are to be

a lIfe full
of loNe does
it goes on
to be so

I hope, you 
reAd on and
on again too

Life's so chAnged
has Life become
lost have I
not an inch
have i moved

something is heRe
too short for
You hate essays

wish i, to
feel you tender

to touch your
sweet, coloured hands

eat your food
since you cook
i want to
taste your food
why not? yes
teach Me and
we could enjoy
cookIng together aNd

touch your silky
blAck hair and

Look At youR
ever seducing!? eyes

touch soft your
long bare neck

touch your now
white snowy back
sweating back there

rub those tears,
hear your voice

to say My
name and I
to hear from
you siNce the
words from you,
from you is
sweet, so sweet
to hear to

soft touch those
softy rose red
cheeks, lips and

see your smile

don't wAnt to
do any thing
Like this ,
but wAnt to

hold your hands
walk with you
play with you
dance with you
sing with you
talk with you
wanna hold you
be with you
and foR you
want to becoMe
old wIth you

duriNg times of
joys, Angers & sorrows
erase your tears

nothing wiLl hAppen
i guess so

you enchant me
i wish to
be with you

wish i to
live with you'R
sMIle, life is

short yet, but

whatever may be
you look youNger
ever and forever

Age does threatens
me to age

for you said
to remain quite

and not to
disturb you much

creativity got Lost.

nothing much hAve
i to give
or say, foR
also does distance
threatens just only

one wish, to 
say happy birthday,
My lovely lavender

no more have
I words to
express as before

but do i
miss you my
darliNg, deAr _ife

for onLy In
dreAms can i
dReaM about you

Yet, but, and
stIll, iN wonders
About that too

miss you my
pearLy, mickey And
my naughty and
deaR Most .

not havINg the
heArt to stop
since i cannot
Live without you

Addicted am! baby?

signing off am
i until next
time we meet

if not in
eaRth then heaven
shall it be
where only you
and Me were
meant to be
made for each
other are we
meant to be?

may be2, IN
future this mAy
be prescribed as
a poetry study
do you think?
worthLess or worthwhile
to write this?

Awaited long did
i foR this
day so sweet

you inspire Me

say the truth
there's nothing lIke
you and me
tell me do
you feel it
true isN't it?

my birthday bAby
my Lovely cat
bye busy bee 
in blAck suit
would you be
i guess so
you to be

my wingless angel

yet still i
thank you for
youR tiMe If
you have read

but as always
I miss you

my love for
you will Never
hAve an end
tiLl my deAth

soRry if this
hurts or gives
you old MemorIes
and sorry to
disturb you also
by the way

from an very
old unkNown stranger



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