A Gift of Eternity

Wed, 08/13/2014 - 01:06 -- Man

Oh Life, how magnificient, how wondrous...

How you throw forgotton souls unto the precipice,

the precipice of hell; you teach them of love, from the milk

of their mothers, only to have it taken away by those who misunderstand

and by those who are misunderstood...you teach them, make them long for you

in their tired gaze. You catch 'em while they're young...oh those grandios ideas:

who they are, what they are,why they are...


All taken in the end; for in the fall, even the most beautiful daisy shrivels under the dark sky.

In the last comfort the most fortunate are betrothed, an idea...an idea that charges forward

with the intensity of a thousands suns! It is here! It always has been! To give! To learn !To enjoy!

To love! For in the tiny breathe contained in all eternity that we experience...we are given the greatest gift...the most truly honest and tangiable gift that a man or woman can be given. Carpe Diem, ye tired souls, for you are powerful and the most capable of grateness. 



I would really like some feedback :) thanks!

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