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PERSISTENCE You may be getting little or even none today, but belie'e me, you soon gonna be getting plenty that way if you ain't quit someday.
I have never been someone who would accept it when someone tells them no, Because I believe that when things get tough, that is when you learn the most and you grow.
Like a phoenix rising- my renewal too, was born of ash. It was a turning of the tables where my would-be destruction seeded ressurection. Still alive, still writing
When hope seems to be utterly lost When failing becomes what happens most When full of sorrow and perpetual pain We come to infer that hope is main  So we manage to work extremely hard
When hope seems to be utterly lost When failing becomes what happens most When full of sorrow and perpetual pain We come to infer that hope is main  So we manage to work extremely hard
  My oh my, what is this deadly sensation? A sickening feeling, oh how I detest it. Like a chemical reaction, I feel the explosion Of a million thoughts, the mind's at the limit.  
Only "I love you" I hear is from my daughter Trapped in a predicament Now I am manifesting Goodbye days I yearned  to be over Goodbye lovely moments that exist
Power of my description  leaves your mind defenseless,  taste into the good world wanting peace in distance, touch me here I’ll capture all the things that matter, with Power flowing through
From cold ashes, the Phoenix rises From discarded marble, David, From clang of pipes, Symphony From rot of seed, Sequoia From acid and heat, Gold From bone-crushing pressure, Diamond
The Persistence of Memory. The Persistence of Time. Slowly starting to think that I’m, apart of a plan, and out of the grime.
In the grass up on a hill Outside the city, I see you   Dear empty onion house Peeling and the feeling I get Unwrapping you For brighter insides, scrap the outsides  
i am young i live and breath with days to come and time i don't need my bones will break with fickle force and a constant requirement to make a choice   in my youth,
At Last   Once upon a time There lived an average girl. She was Asian and American. She excelled in high school, And didn’t care for school. She made them proud, her parents.
You were my world. You were the sun of my solar system. The music of my life. You mattered to me more than anything. And you still do.   Did you ever think about me? Did you ever dream about us?
Was it a dream? Us? We were so happy. So childlike. So carefree. What happened? It was too short. I messed it up, didn't I? My happiest days were with you.
the damage isn’t done, we convince ourselves as we sit in a row on the curb sunken arms draped over our knees.   a hodgepodge congregation of prayers in vain, because who is there to ask
Inspired by the piece "Persistence of Memory" by Salvador Dalì   Unicorns have an eon long feud with leprechauns –- a war of misconceptions. Some believe that leprechauns are a miniscule threat.
Walking the path Hundreds, no thousands had tread before Winding through the hurdles of life College, finals, work How does it all get done   I worked towards perfection Never stopping
The future follows behind me with a stern look and a jagged plea As competition constantly stares back at me. In the past year I battled the fists of friend crusades Because of the stabs of pending test grades.  
Her prowess is unparalleled, Suppression never dissuaded all that she is-- An ephemeral incandescence-- ceasing relentlessly
There’s often a reason To give up and cry. But don’t think it’s treason When you stand up and try.   Lacking hope isn’t healthy
Am I living to work or working to live? Either way I'm still considered a kid. Alone in this hardship or helped by my dad The latter is something I've never had. They'll judge you and point, 
As the blue jay sweeps the skies, it flies and flies high into the white fluffy and thick clouds as if to disguise.
Flames burned through the night They wouldn’t be put down without a fight. Determination etched off each spark Lighting up every inch of the dark.
People think life is a simple game A life in where we can do more and more But in reality, we must consider how Others may react to what we've done From a person walking his dog
You're the only pain that I refuse to give up and I don't think you understand just what you do to me but maybe one day when we're all grown up you'll look back and really see.
Oh, to be mad, what a wonderful thing Oh, to hear, such sweet symphonies Oh, to live, so joyful and free Oh, to know, to understand, to see Yet, to be mad, is held in poor light
I am Tenacious. Never ceasing. Always pursuing. Over miles I run. An obstacle here, and there, but no matter, I will overcome. Though I may slow, Yet will I never quit the pursuit.
I am but a shadow of light.  I am darkness, but He is white.  He is my strength in the storm,  My courage when I am worn.  The shadow that is me  Haunts, creeps, and begs me to flee.
Bounding over miles of land You and me there hand in hand Laughing as we hustle on Then I fell and you were gone I sought you out but couldn't find For you were gone; I felt inclined
Mother tells me she loves me But I think she loves my sister the most. It’s pretty obvious, from the way
Who am I? I cry Why don’t I know Which way to go? I feel low. In life. Why can’t I see
I persist,  Even when I do not wish to do so. The problems keep rising, and there's little I can do to control them. They are boundless,
Madness Is My Only Cure, Sanity Is What People Tell Me Is Pure,
My education Never-ending Full as can be
It takes pain to know that you're alive,    That your heart is beating.    That your skin is feeling.    That your lungs are breathing.   It takes passion to know that you have the drive,
School is not my forte. Daydreams of melodies frolic through my mind But the pencil is forced to scribble foreign equations. Confused. Frustrated. Lost in a tangle of intricate formulas.
Woe are the ravages of causality to the feeble human race Contorting and torturing the soul of Man Yet in this torture the human race was bred Born into fire It has persisted and will continue to persist
She's afraid of things that shouldn't be scary,like walking to class and people staring. She's afraid of her reflection too,She's afraid and she wants to tell you.
Its cold in here, theres no heat. the desks face right, theres no left handed seat. The voices drone, but never make sense, For professors, they sure can be dense. I wish only for a school condusive to the student.
At dawn she'll sleep forever,Rest in peace her tortured soul,Have you ever? Seen an angel without wings?"If you love something set it free" ,Is what I used to believe, Before I Let go of what I Love,
It would be strange to say you changed me Weird to say I’m wise. Odd to speak at all, since seat 27 row five, Was occupied by me, small, quiet me.
Personalities blend to become stock characters, Glimmers of light shine from their eyes. When did I become the "Red Couch" carrier? The song of the road's become solemn and dry.
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