You were my world.

You were the sun of my solar system.

The music of my life.

You mattered to me more than anything.

And you still do.


Did you ever think about me?

Did you ever dream about us?

Did you ever snicker at a memory of me?

Did you ever care about me?

Did you ever wonder what I was thinking?

Was I able to fit into your already full life?

Could I have been considered a friend in your overflowing collection?


Im not mad. Never will be.

I just want to know. Did I ever matter to you?


Maybe I'm just a bad dream now...

but we laughed together.

Maybe I was always a joke...

but we laughed together.

Maybe the thought of my love is disgusting...

but we laughed together.


We laughed together.


We were happy.


Best of friends.



Did I really mess up that bad?

Enough that you actively avoid me?

Enough that I cry over the memories instead of making new ones?

Enough that my nights become plagued with trouble and worry?

Enough for you to walk away?

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