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Growing up seemed fun to me, Until I no longer fit on dad's knee.  Counting how many years I had left of school, Knowing it's my learning tool.  One day I no longer had,  All my friends, just my dad. 
Waves create circles that signify the triangles above   They finally seperate  From the left  From the right  She shoots up  Her white light  Indeed a sign from God 
The doors begin to open, And time begins to flow, As reality is broken, A world begins as an embryo.   So much to do, So much to learn,
A couple of years ago, I didn't know much about poetry.  I didn't even like it.  I thought that it was the lowest form of story telling. 
Dear Evan Hansen,   Today is going to be a good day and here’s why: Because today you took the time to look up at the sky, It’s going to be a good day
The coldness you would put me through would make me appreciate the warmth you straightened me with You thought i would bend You thought i would yearn for your approval as i did as a child
Oh Alice, Alice Where did you go You tripped and stumbled Right down a rabbit hole. Oh Cheshire, Cheshire What do you know Your heart was on fire Now its stone cold.
America The Great? America the great Why can I not relate? The world is on a bend  There seems to be no end.  I wish there were something that could be done
America the grate. My country, my home. Education at it's finest. Ha, what a joke, Foreign exchange students have to repeat years because our education system is so great. Now, here's the thing,
Financial Freedom  
Suicide Doesn't always look like A girl dressed in all black With thick black makeup And scars all over her arms Sometimes Suicide Looks like Someone who's always laughing
Aaron Galvin is a peculiar name But who am I with no camera, no filter, and no frame? Who am I with no bio, no likes, or user name? I am me. I'm creative, and artistic, I have a life.
It's like taking a child's favorite toy; it's not fair and it makes the child cry, but it is something that can be stopped, Unlke  so many things.   Like a toy broken in two
Sun shine bright on me. Sun shine all over me. Sprouse all of me, lift me from my feet.  As my whole body covers with an everlasting glow. I want to feel the warmth, feel the shimmer.
Perfection is a plauge spreading through their bones. Perfection is an irrational conclusion to simplistic ideas. Perfection is a sense of security that everyone craves. Perfection is based on the fear of being different.
Laughing Smileing Shy Sad Scared Angry
       A sorrowful painter never shows their work, wrapped in memories, connecting words unspoken.// Aching with attention, craving another stroke of the brush, gently gliding over rough canvases.// Leaking misery the paint drips, along with your
stomach in knotts heart racing cant breathe this is my favorite feeling its friday night and the lights are  oh so bright my makeup and hair are done  to the "T"
Hey you there with red hair you're lookin' mighty fine. And what if i told you, your smile does shine? Enough that i want to make you mine. I wanna see you smile and laugh,
The way I felt that day I will never forgetYou will never be someone I regret
In the overshadowing darkness where despair takes life and hope is nothing but a word. Where faith has no meaning and trust has fallen to sorrow. In the consuming darkness
  Torturous blood would be welcome in my veins Hearts filled with agonizing wounds Instead, there’s nothing - Selfish emptiness took away my feeling
There is a man Who roams the land That they call The Knave of Hearts
A million peole A hundred roads All of different colors A red
I'd change time. The pace, the unsteadiness. The uneasiness, the discombobulation.
The future lies beneath a dream, a dream everyone want to live, yet, we all pertain a different one, like the one to become a dancer, for the rest of your life be a dancer, making it your one in a life time opportunity to seize everything you hav
I heard a sad story once.
A class of thirty- two students fill the room
Disneyland is a place for all ages. As soon as you walk in, your in a whole new world. Adults become kids, and kids become carefree. You smell the candy, the turkey legs, the treats. The rides are thrilling, reminding you of your favorite movies.
Everyone sees that perfect girl in the corrner. She gets the grades, Has the marks, And all the teachers are wrapped around her pinkie finger. But little does anyone know,
Poetry. it's more than just random letters being regurgitated on paper. Poetry. it's about a deeper meaning, a deeper purpose.
im just a girl, although I may live in the world , I still stand alone. I'm just a girl that can't always be sure, my pride is altered my soul still pure .
Writing is like breathing Or your heart when it is beating Like the only way to express When you just can't take the stress   When your friends won't listen When you feel down
I get hurt, I fall down I am just a girl Sometimes life gets me down Sometimes I’m overcome with stress I am just a girl
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