This Is Poetry.

Wed, 08/14/2013 - 22:27 -- VD96

Poetry. it's more than just random letters being regurgitated on paper. Poetry. it's about a deeper meaning, a deeper purpose. it causes you to take a step back and analyze each word, each letter and really dig deep into the cavity of the expressions being splattered across paper in word form. Poetry. it can become a coping embodiment of  comfort like a "blanky" is to a child, or how sophisticated words are to a professor because coloquialism would be too exposing. Poetry. it's like a nurturing mother. it embraces those who love it dearly and those who hold on so closely by it to recieve comfort, to recieve support. it's there when one needs it the most. it longs to give you a release from turmoil and anguish. all one needs to do it let it embrace them. to let it be a guide from what's right and wrong in this world. Poetry. it will never leave you abandoned. it will never turn it's back on you when the world is blackening from the horrid societal norms and actions engulfing all those who cross it's path. it remains constant. it remains, Poetry. 


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