Accelerated Math III


A. R. Johnson Magnet School
1324 Laney-Walker Blvd Augusta, GA
United States
33° 27' 58.392" N, 81° 58' 51.3552" W

A class of thirty- two students fill the room

What all reaches apon us is total gloom.

You stand at the board attempting to teach

All we hear is your confusion and breach.

I wish you could understand math does change over time,

and what you learned back then, was in 1999.

Give it up lady, it's over and done!

All of your students are about to run --

Away from you and your disfunctional brain

beacuse what you do just gives us emotional pain.

Our grades fluctuate like an angry sea in a storm,

This math class just isn't the norm.




My favorite part about my poem is that I was able in intellectually say things that I can't, to my math teacher. That class is horrific. But I like the part where I put, "Give it up lady, it's over done!"

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