Writing Free

Wed, 07/24/2013 - 15:28 -- bripk95

Writing is like breathing

Or your heart when it is beating

Like the only way to express

When you just can't take the stress


When your friends won't listen

When you feel down

When you just can't pick

Yourself  up off the ground


I write what I don't dare to feel

As soon as I admit it, all becomes real

Then I just don't know how to deal

So I put pen to page to break the seal


Sadness or loss

Money too tight

Parents are cross

Lovers take flight


All are reasons to just give up

Or choose which way to look at your cup

Empty or opportunity? That is the question

Expansion of wisdom or another infection?


I write to please if only myself

If only to examine my mental health

I write to decieve when I don't want to believe 

Write my reasons though no one sees them


I write because I need something tangible

When I find that nothing is managable

To remember everyone who loved me

To show myself to those who won't see


For me writing is just like breathing

Writing is what keeps my heart beating

It helps me when I can't express

So I keep writing and forget the rest


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