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Damn Those white people, eh? With their saviour complexes Help us, we say Rebuild our town after an earthquake Here, they say as they pass us their gospel with a single bag of rice
Through the window of life I glanced And ayond the skies at which I gaze I know there's a city called heaven where my home is, For life continues after death. Beyond the skies I see the pearly gate
Gospel Music is fantatic music because it praises God.When it comes to Gospel Music, it's something to applaud.Anything is good if it praises the Lord.When it comes to God, he should be adored.
I wasn’t there in the Garden Didn’t see when He died for my pardon Wasn’t there when he sweated drops of blood Oh how His heart must have been tugged ************************** I didn't see the disciples dismay
The Lord God is my refuge Protects me from sins deluge Offers me His protection From attacks in any direction ********************** The Lord GOD is my Fortress Loved me even when I felt worthless
3 years ago, i was sitting in a quiet classroom, in a new building, with unfamiliar faces surrounding me
There wass in that this was, in for devil in a merit war, in for my own. But that you ask in me that this could wait in me in if in what was gone back in time.
When the sun shines and there is a smile on your spouses waking face When the car arrives and you all sang your way to your favorite place When the report comes back and you are cancer free internally 
My friend, to God you are close You seem so studied Yet behold what he finds gross The name of His you’ve muddied    Your works splash again and again Upon the crowded beach
Life without love is lifeless. Love without life is bitter. Everyone knows I'm a sinner, and they keep posting it on twitter.
Define it as you think I see in 1 John 3:16 I hear it on calvary For cursed was the man upon the tree This then is my cry: To love is to die. This then is my thought thereof
My beloved, Here we are, my lips to your ears. May the sound of truth echo a melody in your chest. I have given all I had just to reach you,
With ease I walk         in the confidence of my Lord. His peace I stalk,         for alone I cannot afford. I see His beauty         in all of His creations. As Christians it's our duty
People see my gifts and abilities, And they say,"Consider yourself lucky." They tell me I'm lucky, Because I believe in a God that tells me I' free, I'm born into a family of white priority,
  Chorus: There was a saying My mother told me She said take you time And see who you’ll be And if your dreams don’t come easily Trust in God And you will succeed   Verse1:
I walk across a street so far,Sharing my good news with everyone afar.I praise here and I praise there, nowwewalk down the street so far,Sharing our good news with everyone afar.
Verse 1 Only: Sleepin while we're walkin but now we ain't stoppin/ Culture be always changing but God stays solid/ People be croppin the picture they dissolvin/ Forget about absolute we want our own option/
Elevating from wilted lettuce 
If I could, Spit lyrical scipture in the form of a crossover Break ankles and mend hearts  Travel the world  And write spirit inspired art Oh the dream Through God, that world change is a reality
T’was not at once mine own love with her fell
I wish I had the metaphors tolend description to the love of God.“A father throws his own son in front of a train…”What an inadequate thought. You threwhim from heaven to earth – no.More, he jumped.
The flesh surges under my skin Demanding I be someone other Demanding I seek my own pleasure Bow to the whim of father or brother But certainly I've done everything I knew how to do.
I paid for my sins with a couple our fathers Five Hail Mary’s and I didn’t even bother Wrapping up the prayer coz I didn’t see the point Church congregation I reluctantly joined
Practicing our prayers Making our lives look great Making sure we didn’t sin So there would be nothing on to debate coming on service on time almost never been late trying to smile to each other
Lets rip into hypocrisy I dont mean The Bible it's perfect I mean our hypocrisy Explain to me how you see vision of Poles, strippers strip strip for you And money falling from the trees
Accept and suffer unflinchingly, every hardship presented at hand. Aim to avoid empty, vain, and idle talk, it only leads more into ungodliness. Whats presented before you is patience, it's unwavering compassion
Man Lord, can you completely take control of my mind. I'm tired of wiriness, jealousy, and being filled with strife. Your presence is at every turn but I continue to slide.
Faith is my way of life the only reality I'm livin It's not a front for the world, I'm not just simply pretendin So you can spread your lies and your doubts, but you won't be catching me slippin
Facebook asking me to write something Asking God to leak inspiration from my veins Open the floodgates of Heaven and pour out my pain It pains me, that I am not living to my full potential
The King is just, and justly He decrees, To quell all offense and weigh every deed, His righteous demands not one of us met. Alas, under His rage I dwell in threat, Of utter destruction; Hell opens wide,
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