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you follow me around,  you call me a freak you pull on my backpack and make me feel weak   you're mean and you're hurtful, words harder than stones i'm terrified of you
I'm sure you've heard of Athena vs. Arachne The infamous rivalry and it's kind of wacky If you have or haven't make sure to keep reading This story is nothing like you've been believing
A pack of bulls charge Toward a big red curtain. They fall from a cliff.
A child of ten years, And a invisible puppeteer, Stumbled upon each other in a forum.   They grew closer and closer, But little did the child know, They would break their heart.  
My words are deafened by the sound of an unspoken tongue;A language more ancient than mankind itself.She uttered phrases that Shepard's used to heed their sheep
It didn't matter where we were,
She wears a shimmering skin of silicon and lace. Reflected in a silver screen is the soft curve of her face. Her eyes are lit from within with a gentle buzzing glow, but their soft shine conceal a pain no one will ever know.
It's okay little girl it'll be alright,One day those bullies won't make you cry.It's okay little girl it'll be alright,One day those rumors won't fly in the sky.It's okay little girl it'll be alright,Your mom'll always be there to hold you tight.I
Plastic Shadows Fake lies Screams that slowly die, But where do I come into play? Oh, I remember now - The blood rolling down my sleeve... Flashbacks of being shoved -like a ragdoll.
Words hurt People pretend that they didn't see them Ignore them
It’s important to delete cyber bullying because it’s all in the headlines. “Teen commits suicide after being cyber bullied” plagues the news.
A smile speaks for itself. It can make people melt. But can you see what’s going on inside? Can you see their true self? A smile holds a thousand words. A smile can hide away what they truly feel.
To all you bullies out there  
He didn’t fit into the “in crowd”Just because he wasn’t allowed.But coming home to screams and shouts.
Scared of being judged by the wandering eyes. Society preaches the importance of diversity. Why do people feel the need to live a life of lies? Unaccepting glances create adversity.  
We are all young, We tend to push people down, and make them feel worthless. but yet, we know we are doing these things and not stopping them.
Sticks and stones may break my bones But my bones can heal Say what you need to say Say what you want to say But say not what will break me   Sticks and stones may break my bones
I've got you in my bare hands. Yet it's as if I am at your command. It's no wonder you have a reputation for being so witty. You know my secrets and at times they're for you to keep.
I can see you feverishly stabbing away at your keyboard the glare of the computer screen illuminating your countenance 
You cant help me fix myself Everything is just of a reflection of yourself. Why are you hiding from it all? Why am I crying and about to fall? Im torn open  You can't SEE what has happened.
Seventeen years of observing others Seventeen years of sitting in a corner.   Just watching form a distance or nearby To the point you start to understand. Understand others and their action
Beth was quiet, and Beth was shy. So harmless she wouldn't hurt a fly.
They sent their kids to get an education But what they got was a nasty situation They thought their kids would be laweyers and doctors They never thought they'd be victims and martyrs   Welcome to hell
  “They r just (w)ordz.” Tell that to the suicidal kids Taking it everyday, silent Letters (o)n a screen, never quite heard Yet stings of fag and slut ringing in the head
You say it's better not to know. It won't get out the window. I'll never tell, Until you ring the bell. The bell of permission. About your secret mission.
the cyber bullieslike to hideyou want to knowreasons why cause in realthe games they playthe hurt they makethey cant get away
Her condition is that she is a walking contradiction, for she is a soul burning with hot fire and coals born into the coldest winter ever.   She’s living in hell amongst demons yet some say she looks heavenly.  
They say listen to your heart, don't listen to your mind, But what they don't realize is that's just a waste of time. You got people over here actin' like they cool,  Tryna' be popular but they really old school.
So you think that you are brave? Hiding behind your words so foul It could make a soul roll up and shatter   Better them than me? But I don’t agree with them
You know that girl who's always smiling? The one that laughs at everyone's jokes? Can you tell on the inside she is dying? A pain that even Hell can't invoke.   It is because she is different.
The tears were streaming down my face, happy thoughts I could not retrace.  I stare up at my computer screen, social media can be so mean.  I type my goodbyes
Go ahead, I know I'm mean I'm bearly turning seventeen Say what you want, it can't bother me I'm too grown up, to read what you put type about me   School is important, I'm keeping my eye on that
This to you, if you are a person who bullies I hope you hear I hope you listen to what I've got to say This is you , the victim , I want to tell you not to fear
What is there to do? When the big kids beat up the little ones. When the little ones were afraid to speak up to defend themselves or their peers. No one would say a word
Behind the safety of the computer, Bullies feel safe. The steady rise of these bullies  Cause the increase of teen suicides. Facebook. The top social media site That millions use,
A thought is clacked out The clacks speed up, words flow out The clacks slow down, letters slowly rise The clacks stop completely, a dot seals the line The mouse whirrs speedily, click click, click click
Bruises all over me And my body is very weak I can barely move My mind is twisting in circles What is there to do? Would anybody believe my story?
The dark sky is filled with strange dark clouds Every night it’s hard for me to sleep Dreaming of being attacked Makes me not want to eat I can hear the bully calling my name
To tell me who I am, Is to waste your needless breath. My youth is evidence, To fit in In the end Will make you fit out. The struggle of peer pressure. Suicide! Suicide! Suicide!
What would you do if I wasn't here? Would half of you shed a tear? You think you know me Can you can tell everything I'll ever be Think you can tell who I am. You say things to tear me down
What would you do if I wasn't here? Would half of you shed a tear? You think you know me Can you can tell everything I'll ever be Think you can tell who I am. You say things to tear me down
Shut up! She screams as she hears yet another crude comment in the halls. She's tired of the hate and the abuse towards everyone around her.
If actions speak louder than words, Is Cyber Bullying L O U D E R? Bullying isn't something new... But, Cyber Bullying is. This has caused many deaths... Most deaths are suicides..
My mind cannot be undermined Desensitized Compromised Only Heightened Enlightened Brightened How can you try to understand me You aren’t me So how can you try to see See how I tick
I cant take it anymore! Any place and every place I'm mocked, bullied, and abused, every step I take is pure pain, and every breath is that much longer with this horrid pain. Peace is something I've never known,
I'm my own person, I'll fly with my colors or my style, You can't hold me down, With your collar and sting of insults and words to shame me.
I'm sitting here On the bathroom floor The water surrounds me in an ever changing pool of tears I search the vastness of the floor And find in my vision The bottle of pills Now empty but for a few
Does it make you feel better to hurt me with your words? Does it help your self-esteem to put me in a world of hurt?
Her hearts been fighting for a while now, Her eyes have stopped their crying now. She will pull her self together, for one last call. This is her break down, her call for help when all else has failed.
This light is fading These eyes are crying This blood is flowing These hands are shaking My mind is wondering why It's me that has to die My heart is telling me All I had to do was try
Unable to learn "properly" Unable to communicate "properly" People think it means they are stupid Or retarded is the word used Most often nowadays They think these people Will never be able to
Insults and taunts Whispers and rumors Words swirling and circulating Around and around the school About me About you About him About her About us About them About everyone
Dark salt water drips on lined paper A shaky hand scribbles Dear mom_ Stops_ heaves a sigh Purple and blue color his face His body Pain Crippling Silent screams pour into his mind
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