Through the thorn paved battle she remained oppressed like cattle


Her condition is that she is a walking contradiction, for she is a soul burning with hot fire and coals born into the coldest winter ever.


She’s living in hell amongst demons yet some say she looks heavenly.


Through her eyes she’s been surprised by the lies told by the individuals responsible for her very demise.


She’s been deprived of her childhood; she’s seen things that no one thinks a child should.


See she’s grown from a witty, very pretty little girl who lived in her own little perfect world


into an adolescent pulled from her imagination and fantasies into a harsh reality.


Disassociating from the world because inside she’s still just a little girl.


This transformation took place while her mind was on vacation in another nation; in her safe haven.


Doll play ended abruptly and she ended up in harm’s way.


Wasted away too soon, never fully bloomed, instead remained isolated up in her room


melting in the sweltering heat, ready to greet her maker, tired of the life that he made her. 


The constant feeling of defeat and experience with deceit invaded her thoughts.


She was an introvert unable to talk.


Internalizing everything only ate her away to the core.


I mean how much more pain could she endure?


The thorn paved battle exploited her like cattle.


Stripped of their rights, docile and won’t fight.


That’s a great comparison, but the culprits you should be mad at them.


The constant oppression never really seemed to lessen.


She then developed a desire to fight fire with fire which only caused deeper issues to transpire.


Her freedom was confined behind barbed wires.


Her self-esteem worn out like used tires.


Constant flashbacks are rewinds of the times she tried to forget, the secrets she’s kept.


Belittled and demeaned, hiding the mutilation with a long sleeve.


The urges unable to control like a sneeze.


Diagnosed with a disease, but trying to forget by blowing trees.


All whilst frolicking in the breeze.


Why won't the bullies let her breathe?


For all she really wanted was to be at ease.


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