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It’s important to delete cyber bullying because it’s all in the headlines. “Teen commits suicide after being cyber bullied” plagues the news. Every time I get online now, its seems like there’s a new hashtag tagged to a name of fellow teenager who was hurt so badly by others that they felt it would be better to kill themselves. Amanda Todd, Tyler Clementi, Leelah Alcorn. Today’s world is cruel. You use to be able to get away from the bullying at school or from the neighborhood kids by simply going home, but because of technology and social media all that abuse follows you everywhere and it’s relentless. Cyber bullying needs to go just as much as the bullying all the schools like to push to get rid of, if anything, more. Cyber bullying has more detrimental effects on teenagers because not only are they getting it from their friends and peers at school, they get the bullying from strangers all over the world. Being online gives the bully anonymity making the bully bolder and the attacks more extreme. The bully is more comfortable online because of the wide audience they can perform for. With these attacks becoming more vicious than traditional bullying, teen suicide and suicide attempts have skyrocketed. It’s important to me that we get rid of cyber bullying because it’s hurting so many people. The problem with cyber bullying is that when it’s read, you don’t hear the attacker’s voice, you hear your own.

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