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I hear twisted words Like leaves on a vine. Words jumbled through punctured ears, Words people dine upon.   Vicious, rapid, jumbled they sing. They catch a flying bird And twist its wing
I was a girl who was afraid I'd walk in fear and walk in shame Left, right, left, right, just keeping straight Don't make contact, or you'll be made A fool for being human too,
Because I love you I forgive you past  I am so glad your addictions did not last Because I love I want to heal your pain I want to undo the hurt you had to bare Because I love you  I see your strength 
Is this happiness? Is this pain? What do I have to do in life to gain A better chance at creating my future? My little sister, I do it all for her. Motivation, Dedication,
“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, look at your hair!” The detective screamed in terror and despair Looking at her sight, the gleam in her eyes Showing the fright of the something despised
I am a part of Generation Z and amending society   I wonder what waits for me after this inaguration I hear voices in protest and anger
One thing, so fleeting, how should I know what I require for my deed?  would it be a person for a meeting? or a pot to plant a seed? or a book to continue my reading?
Authenticity is a rarity. When looking clearly you often don't see The parts of me I try to hide From you and from society.   Take a look behind the curtain, Glimpse the person you thought you knew,
My buck teeth are beautifulThey make me look like a bunnyMy one hidden dimple is gorgeousIt pops out when something's funnyMy pale skin radiantLike ivory pearlsMy strong assertive voice
I am intelligent, I am beautiful, I am outgoing, I am a hard worker, I am funny, I am caring, I am sweet, I am not ashamed,  I am FLAWLESS! I AM ME!  
Flawless; no. Passionate; yes.
Mirrors tell the truth, you see They are blunt and honest, the worst but best kind too It's hard trying to see yourself when it's impossible too. You can't count on people's words either.
The first crack of the ice. The light sound of the birds flying back home.
The poisoned mind Is a threat and a burden
Don’t slouch down!Wipe off that frown!The chapel is just right uptown.
Clicking of keysScraping of pen on paperTaps of a typewriter*Ding!* No matter your outletPoetry reflects youYour emotionsYour feelingsThe inside of your mind
Where does a thought go when it’s forgotten? Where does your mind go when you feel nothing? What does the day bring when the sun first rises? What does the moon do to end a crises? Do you drift back to a memory,
My life tastes "almost."   It starts with a background layer, a warm comfortable smell of baking challah peppered with the occasional remark in Afrikaans which I can almost understand, but not quite...
This is for the child, So young, Who thinks his parents don't care. Who sits up all night wondering, And hoping he'll do them well. This is for the girl, So scared, beaten and abused.
It might be very true that I’m an afterthought A ghost whose essence fades like pallid morning motes of dust that dance on rays cast through the windowsill
I said I couldn’t live without you but you left me yesterday and I survived. You’ll come to me tomorrow but I’ll shut my eyes to shut yours out. You’re gone. I’m alive. You’ll park the car, reach for my hand, and say
Life feels empty When you're not there. All the twinkling stars So full of despair Life feels tragic When you're not around, No hope, no happiness, Head facing the ground.
Tell her you love her. Go ahead. Do it. Tell her ten times a day. A hundred times. Until she believes it. You’ll know because she’ll cry at the idea of losing you.
Fuck love, I’m tired of trying. Feel like I’m dying. A black hole where my heart used to be, Since you took it from me. You ripped it straight from my chest, Made it hurt in the most torturous ways.
It has been torn to pieces and glued back together. It has been prodded at, shoved then bandaged up tight. It knows no restraint, and is blamed in the end. All it needs is just one friend.
"Go away," the guard says to you. But you beg and flatter your way in any way. You look around, beaming at all the shining pieces. You pick them all up, pouring out complements as you go.
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