No Love


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Fuck love, I’m tired of trying.
Feel like I’m dying.
A black hole where my heart used to be,
Since you took it from me.
You ripped it straight from my chest,
Made it hurt in the most torturous ways.
And what’s pathetic is I still love you and think you’re the best.
And sometimes I think I’d rather take a gun to the head
Or strap a bomb to a vest.
At least then I wouldn’t ever have to feel this way
And I wouldn’t put you under so much stress and pain.
Then I say to myself, “What good would it do,
When it’s all said and done she’ll still have you.”
So I toss out my hope and my love and my happy
And sit here in a shell, emotionless, careless, hollow
Because you were all that could ignite me.



My God, your metaphors are marvelous...

Well, okay, more than the metaphors, I found it really relatable since I'm going through something similar... the guy I like is someone I can't have because parental stuff, so I've put him through a lot... so I guess I deserve what I've gotten.

Anyway, back to your poem-- first two words drew me in ^_^ Little profanity works from time to time...


I feel exactly like this...
I loved it

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