How to Break A Heart

Tell her you love her.
Go ahead.
Do it.
Tell her ten times a day.
A hundred times.
Until she believes it.
You’ll know because she’ll cry at the idea
of losing you.
Buy her jewelry from JC Penny’s
then tell her it’s from Adair’s.
And it cost
three hundred dollars
and those diamonds are real.
And you love her.
Tell her you love her.
Then ask her to give you everything.
Ask her and beg her.
Until she does.
Then tell her it wasn’t enough
and you never really loved her
and it was all a joke.
Then walk away
and ignore the tears
Running down her cheeks.
That will break her heart.



I'm looking for any ideas or feedback on writing, any topic, any genre. I want to know it all. Thank you.


This poem has so much emotion behind it. I can feel what your subject is feeling. What a shame. This is a very well written poem.

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