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I stared longingly, As she sat across from me. Now she's gone and no one seems to care I stood over there, My face red in shame. Why won't these strange feelings die in vein.
Stuck Im stuck Stuck  inside a body thats not mine Stuck with a name i never wanted Bound to a character in a show i never tried out for Someday ill break out of this cage im in But for now im 
I am A GENDER But i dont know which one I an A GENDER maybe i use neo pronouns like bun?   I am A GENDER yet undecided? I am A GENDER still misguided  
attic beams bearing strange fruitchair on the floor and bruise at the loopgay friends hanging in the attic eavesstrange fruit dangling from the wooden beams detached act from the phobic repukethey don’t know what their hate executessight of a rain
I long for the feeling of being myself Will this ever stop? Thoughts are racing, Slowly but surely I’m becoming more and more of myself, And each step I take,
"Princes.""Princes."The word cuts through my skin."Baby girl.""Baby girl.""You'll always be our baby girl"The words hurt and fester inside.The pain I feel when you tell me that I will look like a boy,Because the feeling inside of me because of my
Her eyes shine like stars Her laugh sounds like guitars Her smile makes me stutter Her voice makes my stomach flutter  
Gonna overthink about a boy that had I never likedAnd would never like Because I know that he will never like me back
-3:37AM, Sun. May 2nd, 2021- As I run my fingers over this keyboard, that may I just say is in dire need of a dusting, I can't help but feel a sick nostalgia set in that makes my stomach turn.
I sit here ready to unlearn every nonsense I was taugh All because I am trans   I was taught that I was
I sit here ready to unlearn every nonsense I was taugh All because I am trans   I was taught that I was
You like boys right? Uh yeah, I do. Have you found one yet? Not yet but maybe soon!   You like girls too? Yeah, that’s true!
You said forever  I guess you didn't mean it You went for my best friend What happened to loyalty?  She likes you too  It hurts but if you're happy leave Go be with her, please do
Who are you in the flesh?Were you always masculine or feminine Or were you just too extreme for the box?
I'm walking at a pride March and I hear get out of there J.k. Rowling an amazing author screams. I feel my heart crush I loved her I scream "fuck you! I loved you but you have hurt me!"
I want to be heard I yell, scream, but I'm never heard. I cry I scream more And yell until  My throat hurts. The only way to be heard is pain. Hurt others to be heard.
I want to be heard I yell, scream, but I'm never heard. I cry I scream more And yell until  My throat hurts. The only way to be heard is pain. Hurt others to be heard.
Lost. Running through a city, my thoughts and feelings the cars racing past, Lost. Without you my dreams turn into nightmares,  Constantly running away from reality.
gone too soon,                                                                                                                                                                                                                        green girl with t
Sticks and stones may break my bones But words will never hurt me? Then call me crystallized  Fragile enough to break at your breathe You are no Taurus But your words form a brutish bull
Maybe the clouds will open up and we will be bathed in a golden light, a voice of Heaven, the Creator, rains down like a smile and open arms, speaking the one thing we both wish to hear so desperately.
Here upon this old woven chair She sits in the land of the inbetween Perched under a wooden sign post The one rooted into muscle that sits between our ribs   There at the very tip toe top  
Why is it that the very thing that is forbidden is the only thing that makes me happy. Why  is it that I feel strange when I see her smile and laugh. Why must she be forbidden to me. I am the 
I invite you to gently feel the faint mist of dawn dust your face with dew. Feel the heavy warmth as the sun breaks the horizon and casts its shadows across the canvas of earth.   
To whom it may concern I think that any Bigotry,  Ignorance, Or prejudice You harbor deep inside should burn.
I’m afraid of a lot of things. I’m afraid of the dark, I’m afraid of the thoughts in my head,  I’m 16 and I’m still afraid of the monsters under my bed.  
Hi, I'm Sunshine. I'm a perfectly normal person.   I love helping people,  I raise rabbits, and I enjoy watching the Arizona Cardinals on Sundays with my dad. I'm a perfectly normal person.   
What if this feeling is delusion How can I know for sure I'm gay? I was in the dark for so long The light is disorienting Cones and rods receive a technicolor world But maybe it's illusion
Daedalus shows him how to shave, Teaches where the razor glides smooth, shows him where his adam’s apple will grow. It’s a simple task, one better late than never
You hide behind pages withered with millenia of hatred  Each letter an excuse for you to say "I don't care if they hold hands, Just don't do it front of my kids."
  Even the smallest of her affections is your undoing Wet footprints on the white sand that you won’t tread upon Only the sea could ever erase the memory of her there  
Silence;              was a man i once ‘loved’ he said he lived in the bath that perhaps                if i held my head                                      below water 
There’s this place I call home And I don’t know why but it seems to me That this place isn’t as simple as it used to be I was a little girl - Their little girl, she her she her
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