Glass Armour

Sat, 02/22/2020 - 00:36 -- ARPoggy

Sticks and stones may break my bones

But words will never hurt me?

Then call me crystallized 

Fragile enough to break at your breathe

You are no Taurus

But your words form a brutish bull

God forbid it get to the china shop

I am that china shop

Your matador cape is tattered and faded 

But I wish you wouldn't let it slip

I thought about coming out to you

Did you know that?

I knew of the young ignorance we shared.

I thought 

Or rather hoped

That you had evolved out into acceptance

But I've found you grew into secret bigotry 

You may have never said anything direct

But sometimes you don't even need to

You mock my people's pride

Calling it too much

You roll your eyes at the happiness of people who suffered to be in love

As you hold your boyfriend's hand

I'm sorry the rainbow is too bright for you

I'm sorry that you haven't matured

But I'm not sorry for being guarded

You have to protect yourself

When the bullshit comes too close


Annette M Velasquez

Powerful, beautifully worded and full of emotional impact. You have delivered a strong message here and have done so with the use of vivid metaphors and imagery. The " matador's cape" and allusion to a bull in a china shop is very effective. Just a slight suggestion to perfect this- " China" need not be capitalized, it refers to porcelain, not the country. I'd like to see more of your poetry and please check out mine if you have a chance, I'd like some feedback.

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