A Name

An introduction begins with your name.

Not your raving personality, 

Your most inner thoughts,

Or your beaming laugh,

But your name.


Does your name define you?


A name is a source of identification

That has been written in the books since birth,

Watches as you blossom,

And follows until you lie in your grave.



Does your name suit you?


One cannot force the bond

Between what’s given and yearned,

For there will always be hesitation

That leads to a prolonged crisis in identity.


Who am I?


I am appreciative of everything given to me, but

I am not my name.

I am a person who loves love,

Who’s extremely resilient,

And not afraid of self-expression.


I am one of a kind.

I am not confused.

It is not just a phase,

It is my individuality.


I love my chosen name.


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