Lost. Running through a city,

my thoughts and feelings the cars racing past,

Lost. Without you my dreams turn into nightmares, 

Constantly running away from reality.


The cars flying past remind me of that night,

When I ran my fingers through your hair,

When I kissed those soft lips,

When nothing else mattered in the world,

I lost myself to you that night,


But now I’ve lost you.

You have love for another,

Someone who doesn’t treat you right,

Who treats you like gum on his shoe,

Who doesn’t give a fuck about you,

Who won’t give you the time of day,

Who won’t appreciate your perfection,

Your lost. 


Lost. That night your perfection made me fall,

Fall like autumn leaves blowing in the wind,

But the flawless beauty of autumn can’t even compete with you.


Lost. Nothing can compete with your entrancing blue eyes,

They are like the ocean waves crashing,

I lost myself in them.


Lost. I fell in love with the idea of you.

The idea of running on the sandy beaches,

Staring up at the stars with you, 

Getting lost in our own world,



But that won’t happen,

Not now not ever,

Because I’m,



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