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Aza Mama 💰💵   Me: Aaazah Maaaamah!!!!  She: Aza Papa!  That's how we greet and compliment each other every good morning.
Reordering my priorities. Like what comes first  and what comes last. Time is moving and it's way too fast.   Reordering my priorities.
SOS (Heart of Bold 2)   Dear God, I'm sorry if may sound impromptu I'm still your kid right? Even when I had no one else to run to/   Lately I've be sobbing Tears running down
WAR 🛡️⚔️   Life is a fight The battlefield of the mind War wages within our souls Or should I say for your soul.   It's a war between Darkness and Light, Between Good versus Evil.
20k (Hello Pain 2)   Dear God, Yeah, it's your boy again Woke up so alive I'm just checking in again.   I know you love me You know that drives me insane To see your majesty
Hello pain, I heard you're a game changer And that you are a necessity in life For growth and maturity I heard you're blessing in disguise.   Hello pain, Let's have a conversation
Don't be naive bro Peace only comes through salvation Everything else is a delusion.   Your task masters have only one mission - to steal, kill and destroy.
I remember my first day Couple of weeks into the new year The day I first walked in.   Lil' shy heavy duty just joined a new community Recently released from the medical facility
GRACE   How could you love me, When there was nothing good in me?   'Til the point you actually died On my behalf to prove that you love me.   Tell me, how could you love me?
You loved me like a father You cared for me like a mother You showed me love like no other.   You took me in like a son Adopted me to your own Even when I felt abandoned You never left me alone.
Detachment from sentiments It's not easy I must confess Pressures all around me everyday trying to compress I'm getting really fed up no longer trying to impress
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