SOS (Heart of Bold 2)

Fri, 08/21/2020 - 20:45 -- deSribe

SOS (Heart of Bold 2)


Dear God,

I'm sorry if may sound impromptu

I'm still your kid right?

Even when I had no one else to run to/


Lately I've be sobbing

Tears running down

My cheeks for no reason.

But I heard about you in a song

That you're a God who do not change

with the seasons.


Last season

Remember when I wrote to you A Heart of Bold

It's kinda ironic cos all that's left in me

Is just a flicker of hope.


I see time running

I know your son coming

To take us home to you

Cos right all I want and need is you.


If I loose it all

Promise me you're still gonna keep this joy.

And if I fall

Promise me you're still gonna catch me

if I fall.


You know how fragile this kid is

How vulnerable and insecure your boy is.


Been fighting for approval

I've been longing for acceptance.

Heart breaks and disappointments

Are my only acquaintance.



Dear God,

My soul is longing for salvation

This time are tough times

Please help me break it down like enzymes.


I could have been throwing them gang signs

Probably living in the sheets with someone's child.


You told me you love me

You carried me in your pierced hands


Swinging me back and forth

Like a wreaking ball.


Your poured out your love on me

You gave peace to my wretched soul.


All I'm trying to say is for you

Lord to take control

I'm sick and tired of this Heart of Bold

Just give me a Heart of Gold (like yours).


Amen! 🙏️



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


Annette M Velasquez

This is a very honest, emotional piece... Its message is positive and you've portrayed it in a unique, original way. Your rhymes and word choices are innovative, unusual, but fresh. This has a very spoken word feel to it.


Wow! Thanks alot Annette. I really appreciate the feedback.

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