Mon, 03/20/2023 - 03:19 -- deSribe

Reordering my priorities.

Like what comes first 

and what comes last.

Time is moving

and it's way too fast.


Reordering my priorities.

Like who comes in first 

and who do I flash 

the exit sign fast.

Like who is real and who isn't.

Who stood around when the wounds 

were still fresh and sore?

Like what are their intentions,

Are they worth suffering for?


What are my Priorities?

For you, I would make the time.

I’d dedicate every second to watch you 

blossom and grow.

The reward of my years of labour,

The harvest of the seeds that I had sown.




I don try!


I don try! 

But for you I will keep trying.

My best is still light years ahead of me,

So why should I quit trying?


Even in deep trials,

I promise to keep trying.

Although daily I keep dying,

as soon as my strength is renewed

I will soar through the clouds and quit flying.


‘Cause one is effort and the other is not.

Oluwa has got my compass

so I'll keep heading North.

Even though sometimes my head dey touch

I will still be in active service ‘cause I am the Church. 😉

A city set on the Hill, that's me of course.


So I will keep trying,

Though I keep crying.

He never said it would be easy,

so I will keep ploughing.

I'm a tree planted by the river side

‘Cause my God keeps supplying

Litres of living water

whenever my throat and soul is droughting 

So therefore, I can't quit trying.


[The End]

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


Signet Ring

This is truly beautiful deScribe. Feels like you poured your heart genuinely into this piece
Nice one Sir, you're loved

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