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WAR 🛡️⚔️


Life is a fight

The battlefield of the mind

War wages within our souls

Or should I say for your soul.


It's a war between

Darkness and Light,

Between Good versus Evil.


The cry of victory and defeat in the unseen worlds.


All just to claim the Human Soul

Angels and Demons fight Everyday for each human soul

But in the beginning it wasn't so.


We've been all infected with the sin sickness

Ever since the fall of man in Eden

We've lost our identity and our true nature hidden.


Ignorance, like a blind fold

Has kept men away from seeing the light

The one true saviour who came

To redeem us from the mist and darkness.


It's Love versus Hatred,

Vision versus Blindness,

Mercy versus Condemnation

O! How I bless the name of The Lord

For the gift of Salvation.


Many lost -> Were found,

Many sick -> Now sound.


Hope rising in the midst of despair

Faith strengthened in the midst of fear.


Darkness is loosing

Light, gently infusing

Into the heart of men.


But still there is a fight

To choose between

Good and Right,

Between Darkness and Light,

Between Mammon and God,

Between Righteousness and Sin's Pleasures

Between our Inheritance and The Fool's Gold and Treasures


There's so much pressure to do either one of the two

But note this, the choice is always up to you.


It's never easy, both come with a price.

You either live (leave) the old good life

Or you brace up and follow Christ!


The latter ends in Glory while the former ends your glory.


So, choose wisely!

Be prepared!

Glory is coming!


Created – [15/04/2019]

Modified – [22/07/2020]

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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