long distance relationship

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Today the sky is really blueLike how I feelI really feel blueBecause I really miss youI really want to meet you nowBut I can notI really want to see you nowBut I can notOnly I can see your pictureI can only see your face in my mirrorI can only rem
Though our earthly bodies have never met His soul gingerly caresses mine His aura has touched mine countless times We're always connected My heart chakra glows, hums A single cord of silver etheric energy
I think I'm falling in love with a ghost, dear, I think I'm falling asleep. I see him on the edge of my vision, singing me soft lullabies with ethereal beats.    The ghost's eyes peer out at me,
there is something strangely beautiful and completely hilarious about listening to you snore over skype.   i have never touched your face or kissed your lips but i feel your heart beating in mine.
I’m in love with the kilometres between us, I’m in love with the distanceBetween your eyes and my eyes and your arms and my arms and your place and mineI like that you like what I like and that I like what you like
It is a peculiar and otherworldly feeling. It is subtle. Subtle like a touch mark on a knife, Or a fingerprint on a mirror. But in the quiet of a silent hour I can feel it.
One: When I was three years old I told everyone I knew that I was an alien from Pluto. I was born as a daughter of Pluto. I crawled my way out of the dust I was conceived in.
A year ago... the thought brings me pain it reminds me of who I was selfish, lost, angry, sad. Who was I?I was a shell of who I am apathetic and blind to hope. Then my love met me in the summer
Waking up is never my choice I would prefer to stay in my dreams Where you are with me  and not miles away   I wake to the ding of my phone But I know it brings traces of you
For some it's dreams that get in the way of living For me it's reality that gets in the way of dreaming.   Fishing on those hot summer days, Going home empty handed, laughing all the same.  
The space between dotted lines on highways will soon been endurable when my frame is narrow with you                                                                   Driving on bumpy
I know things are hard because I'm so far, but just know that makes me love you more. I do adore every inch of that beautiful body of yours, but that mind of yours just blows me away likes mines,I love you. I truly do,it kinda upsets me when I don
I'm sorry that I tried to love you with everything while still keeping half of me locked away. Now I've lost you and I'm struggling to shut my gate.
around the pianogossip before we sing"what do you like abouthim?"immediate reactionthey don't go to the same schoolthank god; cringeotherwise he'd be aroundtoo muchcringe
My lips ache for yours like a dry dessert craves the water of a downpour. Will my tears ever be dried by the gentle wipe of your hand across my eyes? Will my hand ever be able to feel the smooth, light creases in your hand?
My special someone, Why are you so far away? My special someone, Why don't you just stay? Every day I stared outside my window, Waiting for your return while hiding my sorrows.
Who ever thought that a little red string, No thicker than the thread in my shirt, Could withstand the strength of passion 
I love you beyond the moon and stars
See, the one place I desire to be? Asleep. In your arms safe keep. I think, is it too much to ask of Him above To wake up still embraced by you? Love, I desire to know every inch of.
If I were one for praying, If I were to supplicate the gods, I would ask them to deliver me to you So that I may be humbled in the presence Of a beauty akin to that of the divine.
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