For some it's dreams that get in the way of living

For me it's reality that gets in the way of dreaming.


Fishing on those hot summer days,

Going home empty handed,

laughing all the same.


Cuddling on a chilly winter night,

A movie is playing,

Every second just right.


Listening to the radio on a spring afternoon

Enchanted by the music,

And the late day's bloom.


Brunch at the cafe on fall's colorful morning

Looking into those eyes,

And just knowing.


Knowing that this is the life for me

Taken out,

Straight from my dreams.


This is my far-fetched fairytale

Not of treasure

Or knights in shining mail.


But of undescribable joy and happiness,

A simple dream,

I will confess.


But reality sometimes gets in the way of living

When dreams are just for the dreaming.


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