I'm Finally Alive

A year ago...

the thought brings me pain

it reminds me of who I was

selfish, lost, angry, sad.

Who was I?
I was a shell of who I am

apathetic and blind to hope.

Then my love met me in the summer

a long 3 years spent apart finally 

turned into gold as I kissed her lips 

for the first time.

I had never been in love before this moment

she made me feel real and whole.

I guess that's why I was torn apart when

she had to return home.

I realized just how much my life means to me

how much her love means to me.

I finally started moving forward,

instantly my mind filled with images

her smile 

her warmth

her entire being...


Like a drug I was addicted to, I needed her again.

I told myself now is the time,

I changed myself

I started working

I started being kind again

I started listening again

I started smiling again...


The sadness in my heart from us being apart

does not outweigh the hope for the future.

Until next summer, I'll be waiting.


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