Computer Screen Love

I love you beyond the moon and stars

I will love you no matter where you arethis feeling in my chest since day one and I would never change the fact that we're one I can't stop thinking about that day where we met, and said hey it was naturalit was clear that you were meant to be herein my lifein my memoriesI can't stop thinking how this all would be if that one moment, one second would have gone and I clicked that button. Next. We  would have never talked, if I would have stopped. It was luck, thats what it was and without that luck …  Id be a sad little starwaiting around for this time to come but it happened and now here we are in the same place, same town, same lifeliving out the dreams we used to say to make it all seem like it was okay but the distance has been beaten and now we are completeto live the rest of our lives not on the computer screen 

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