I'm sorry Love


See, the one place I desire to be?

Asleep. In your arms safe keep.

I think, is it too much to ask of Him above

To wake up still embraced by you? Love,

I desire to know every inch of.

Imagining your kiss can moisturize these parched lips.

This burning heart needs a fan and your gentile touch on my hips.

Please whisper to my soul

Let it know when you're finally here

My dear it's spent years waiting for its mate to appear.


The audacity of you, to flaunt your sweet smile.

Saying I'm your "boo"

And that you'll always be true,

But theres the trial

'cuz you're not even within a mile 

And it's been a while but we're both still trying.

God, you're so fine. 

Do I occupy your mind

Like you do mine?

And that voice of yours,

Warm as the sunshine

And calming as the sound of rain

Like when you washed away my pain 

So that I could be yours to claim.


And me? I'm just a stranger

But I feel comfortable around you

As if theres no danger,

So glad I found my Something New.

Knowing you has been great so far,

So far but never too far away

Because I've Been Thinkin Bout You night and day.


You're running around my mind,

In my head,

In my dreams when I go to bed.

I'm positive that when we meet,

My heart'll probably skip a beat.

 But anytime we're apart, 

My heart wont even want to start.

I am who I am because of what you are.

Though we're not related by blood,

Our connection's thicker than tar.

I know I sound pretty cheesy today

But I'm sorry love, you made me this way.


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