On Being and Extraterrestrial Being

One: When I was three years old I told everyone I knew that I was an alien from Pluto. I was born as a daughter of Pluto. I crawled my way out of the dust I was conceived in. Like her I've been loved and forgotten, rediscovered and let go again, given status, given worth just to have it taken away before I could finish one joyful dance.

Two: I drifted across a vast neverland that you may refer to as space. I swam 4.67 billion miles, or 7.5 billion kilometers into the Earth’s atmosphere. My body turned the most beautiful red as gravity hauled me downwards greedily, I turned into molten lava, and reformed.

Three: Ever since I got here I’ve been trying to find something that makes me burn up just as much.

Four: I crash land head first into everything I do. I drive down, deeper and deeper, until the dust piles up over my head and I leak my radiation into the ground water.

Five: I grew up listening to girls talk about how men made them burn hot from the inside out. I grew up watching movies in which the climax occurs when the dream boy reached his. And when you’re an ET turned Earthling, everything you think you know stems from the plagiarisation of your environment.

And furthermore when you’re from the coldest non-planet in the galaxy-

nothing compares to the feeling of fire crawling up your skin.

So I drank up boys like water just to feel alive

I was 2 when I fell in love with the first boy I met.

Kissed one like I meant it when I was 10.

Invited fiery hands cover my body when I was 14

before I was old enough to understand what an orgasm was when I felt it.

Gave up my remains when I was 16

and now all that is left is cooling ash and waning smoke.

Six: If I break another heart, I’m afraid I’ll lose mine.

Seven: I’ve been thinking I smashed into the wrong continent. I’ve never held your hands but I know how they fit perfectly in mine. I’ve never laid my head on your chest but I know your heart beat is the best rhythm I've never heard.

I crave your voice in the morning before I even think about my cup of coffee

Eight: a moment with you would make all of this worth it.

Nine: I'm scared I'll never meet you

Ten: I know that I will…

And when I do

I know it will feel just like home.

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