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I cry a lot, don't you? I trust people too easily I'm trusting you. I forget things a lot, don't you? I lie to people too easily I'm not lying to you.
What is flaw? Is it what makes you different from everybody else? Is it what you lack? Is it your potiential to go further than everybody else? What makes me flawless? What makes me flawless?
Started my day before sunrise Started my day after noontide Started my day at witching hour 16 or 12 hours, all shifts I devour   Started my day with sarcastic smiles
We'll always remember our youth, our careless and reckless acts. We'll always remember our childish loves,
Keeping quiet  Thinking something is wrong  Why does no one talk? Trying but failing.   Always waiting for someone to see me What about them, he or she
Everybody loves a girl that is confident. Everybody loves a girl that is beautiful.
Humans are so fragile They must be taken care of. But animals don't matter Since they're never given love.   You begin to walk away Like you did no harm. The animals died today
Being gay isn't a choice Because why would I choose to lose my voice? Not my voice physically, but politically
  Mother always beats the sun up
You tell me I don't listen Do you not see MY eyes glisten? I am a sponge- taking in your every word Every little thing you THINK I haven't heard Am I supposed to create a composed answer
  Real smooth, aren't I? At least that's what my friends say. I'll attempt my best staying on topic
Crying doesn’t solve problems But it will make you feel better That’s why we cry on others’ shoulders That’s why our pillow is soaked at night That’s why the next day we can smile  
The feeling I got that night I thought that you were just right Things were said and done That I just feel into your trap It was nice while it lasted But, its obvious that things all blasted
There are bruises on your knuckles
We are given a sword at birth, so mighty we feel. We don't know what it's for, nor it's true power of steel.   After years of training, it's come the day to fight. No one wants to see us go,
I have always wondered. Why is lightning preceded by thunder? Well that's because sound is much slower than light. So it is only right that first would come light. That's why the click precedes the flash of the camera.
To change the world in the blink of an eye In a way such that no more needlessly die To let Nature run its course To eliminate those who rule by force A species capable of worldwide peace
I am from fresh Folgers coffee every morning
Seek that which is away from the surface Dig further, refrain to linger on surface Deep across the ocean blue See the beauty and the true Beyond the surface   A blank canvas without design
Belle, meaning beauty from the land of France We remember from the movie how she put Beast into a trance But remember how her nose was always in a book, She received taunts from the one who falsely loved her, Hook...
I wish you had told me sooner That you would be leaving me I know you have your duties but I Your daughter Deserved a say in the matter I watch the news I see the deaths
The world IS my classroom, and I will watch the world learn.  
Blue reminds me of when I didn't know you, Of when I never heard the words "You arebeautiful"Blue reminds meof when the world was movingBut I was standing still It reminds me of wanting to be alone
Woman One of two or one of many Depending on your views   Woman Not worthy of wealth Except wealth of home To the man she calls To the man she owes   Woman
  I’ve lain awake with My Regrets The things I wish I would have done Instead of the things I wish I didn’t Disgusted at what I’ve become Chances I could have taken Plans I could have changed
Is she wrong for lusting for love she never knew ? For the love she knew was nothing but false wishes.
The first time the light crosses the eyes of a new seed. A new breed that breathes the air of the diseased. Fall victum to the wonders of what life would be until actuality falls in between to help you realize how life could be.
Break down young man break down That’s all the devil tellin’ me to do Says she’s through with me Wants nothing to do with me Askin’ questions like “How could you act so stupidly?” Moms talkin’ crazy
                                                                I knew those rough hands Welcomed that worn smile Cherished those gentle eyes We were best friends forever
You were the reason for romantic fantasies You were the reason for warm and comforting hugs You were the reason for constant daydreams You were the reason for soft kisses and love You were the reason for kindness
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