Bad Weather

I have always wondered. Why is lightning preceded by thunder? Well that's because sound is much slower than light. So it is only right that first would come light. That's why the click precedes the flash of the camera. But Wait...does this mean my brother never heard the bang of the hammer. Did he at least see the flash of fire behind the bullet spinning away. If he did I'm sure the message to his brain was still on its way. Did his life flash before his eyes like they say. Seventeen years of life we could of shared yet, my big brother has missed it. All because he step right and not left in that instance. And a man aimelessly firing his gun in the distance. Probably didnt know or even care that 18 years later people would still suffer from his ignorance. And if no one had told me I'd probably not feel this void, and have this brother that i miss. I guess to not know would be a beautiful bliss. But it's better to know, and to honor this brother that i miss.


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