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She cried as she slashed at her skin, It wasn’t the razor that hurt her but the feeling of sin. She wished she didn’t have to do this, But how else would she feel bliss?  
She cried as she slashed at her skin, It wasn’t the razor that hurt her but the feeling of sin. She wished she didn’t have to do this, But how else would she feel bliss?  
She cried as she slashed at her skin, It wasn’t the razor that hurt her but the feeling of sin. She wished she didn’t have to do this, But how else would she feel bliss?  
If words were swords, would we watch what we say? Or chuck them at others who stand in our way?   What if they cut as deep as a blade? How long would we make it? How red would the carpet be?
                                                  Recuerda ayer Recuerda los viejos tiempos Recuerda lo que solíamos decir Recuerda las jugadas
Roses, flowers and bouquets Love, Honor, Peace and Respect Verses, poems and literature
I’ll start slow and easy ‘cause you see I’m new to this, like, ranting’s breezy But rapping about things can get too cheesy I’m no Eminem but I’m not even Yeezy Or Lin Manuel Miranda- that guy’s the OG
Self-censorship and feigned ignorance: any extent to inhibit inquisition into the legitimacy of sentience, Embody universally intimate commitment to an intricate religion
I don’t take in food  But you don’t expect it from me  Not underweight or obese  You tell me I’m not fat  Deep down, I already know that  
The world is loud.  And busy. Everyone pushing to get to the same places They rush by and life passes them by like the blur of faces The only difference between you and me is I get stuck In the in between.
September 3rd   Maybe I'd always been broken inside.  Perhaps the image I projected of myself was nothing but a wisp in the wind An outspoken thought driven by false assumptions of myself. 
Sheltered with only a few windows Those in which are covered with plastic Nothing comes in, nothing goes out  Except for those bright rays of sunshine in which you sit to feel warm 
Depression. Today it's a common as water, Found in most teenagers living in this era. Depression runs in my family. My mom, my sister, me. My mom overcame it My sister is complicated,
Cover my eyes so I may see no Evil,Cover my eyes so I may not see you.But your Love keeps me tied to you like some unwanted tether,A Golden Lasso of something I no longer wish to have.
My dreams are dark, My moods are depressing. I feel so distressed amidst all of this, I feel haunted when I lay to bed, I feel disturbed when I'm wide awake, No peace for me on both ends,
A girl just the age of seven Encountered a man He said "This will be heaven" Sneaking into her room at night after her mom was in bed Again and again, broken down and violated in her bed
I wasn’t reasonably certain with the thoughts in my head Somehow in my head, it occasionally reminded me of my most recent nightmares Just because I was alone they came to me 
Dear Sister,   In the corner of my eye I see little white lies, Though they're disguised I don't mind. I let them by.   And the rooms in this house
As a young teenager, I had a corrupted sense of wholeness. Shallow people was my drug; discontent was my side effect. ​
When the lense cannot focus And your shoulders cannot hold up the universe When your mind cannot control Your mouth to speak your troubles
Somedays it simply rains. Down my face in streams. Somedays it simply storms,
It’s nice to feel listened to It’s nice to feel you’re heard. And with the art of poetry, My paper hears every word.   This art of mine, uses lines To illuminate emotions.
If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around, does it make a sound?
Poetry has taught how one expresses their feelings without speaking.   Rainy weather is the best weather. It shows that even the sky cries.
My hands, like rope tying over my cracking neck  Whispers and murmurs
A memory, a call, of times lost long ago. Of laughter that will always fall that day not long ago.   We missed the sign that could have changed  this rhyme to better times,
Introduction Do not pity me I got myself into this I’ll write myself out   Beginning Lines on a clean page
I have this horrible tendency to love people Whose ankles are half-sunken in quicksand Beneath the weight of their minds   You have a beautiful mind
The piercing of the gunshot and the race between my heart and mind is on And just like the pounding of running feet on the pavement, my heart is racing But it is the only thing I can hear
These thoughts don’t stop Won’t stop Can’t stop Never stop   These thoughts make me do things Things I wouldn’t normally do
I appear to be stuck in my own mind. It's been this way for as long as I've lived, Hidden in dreams, pretending to be kind. Overreacting I'm not that deprived, But I've realized I'm not the only one.
This is an ode to the quiet suicide attempts; the suicide attempts that never existed to anyone else, the silent aching and scrubbing bloodstained nails with soap and raw hands and binning the evidence.
When I look back on that day, it is as if I am looking through the eyes of someone else. The throbbing in my wrist, aching disappointment in my chest, and numbness of my mind does not belong to me. 
I saw the stars for the first time in a while.    Was it you shining down on me?   I've never seen them  so clearly in this sad and busy city.  
My companion anxiety It is time for you to go You're not welcome here anymore But this you already know   Reasoning with you doesn't work Neither begging nor pleading You go away only to return
Dear My Eating Disorder,
Do you know? I don't. Someone has to. Not me though! I don't know. Maybe you do, Can you tell me? I've been trying to understand, But I haven't figured it out yet. If you know,
I'm sure I dream every night, I'm sure I dream every day. I'm sure my dreams are not right, I'm sure they'll never be okay.   I'm dreaming right now! Of a paradise, miles high,
Dear God, Or Maybe not so Dear.   Where are you? Where have you been? It feels like I’ve been on “Read”             forever.   Where were you?  
Dear Friends, I choked on a nosebleed in the middle of the night. Coughing, I started up out of bed, Suffering.
Words flow like the river Mind sways like a flower And you have always been told "knowledge is power" But when your mind is your weakness, what is your power? Words are racing but your mind is blank
Dear irrational insecurities, Only a parasite that thrives, a ghost Unbelieving of complements and praise
How could you let me down? My dear brain, your power is so immense But you lash out on me.   Why me?   For once let me have one thought one idea
Well, well, well Look what we have here, A girl who is useless and overwhelmed with fear.   I may be quite the criticizing one, But at least I know how to get the job done.   You screwed up,
Can't keep a diary when there's no such thing as privacy It hurts Trapped in my body trapped in my head Who's keeping us together? Baby boy stops her from shattering
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