The Judge

Well, well, well

Look what we have here,

A girl who is useless and overwhelmed with fear.


I may be quite the criticizing one,

But at least I know how to get the job done.


You screwed up,

You blew it,

And then you failed.

You say I should assist you, but remember?

I'm not the one who bailed.


No one would believe the words you try to say,

The words that make it sound as if you were dying;

And yet, no one would miss you.

Are you seriously the one who's crying?


I should be crying

Because you're still trying.

My goal was to drag you down,

But somehow you've managed to erase your frown.


I hate how much you still attempt

To keep on flying,

Flying further away from me.

Perhaps, I'm the one who's dying...


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My community
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This is a poem based on my internal monologue when my doubt and disdain for myself overpower my brain. In this poem, I slowly kill the judge in my head as I learn to love myself unapolagetically.

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