2016 Feelin' Good Scholarship Slam

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This is it,  It's finally here. After testing stress, It's my final year. High school was fun, Not at all what I thought it would be. Junior year made me strong,
I know you. Yet it feels so strangeto know you after so few daystogether. And with so few hours,we've gathered words, like "us" and "ours;"now living, many hours apart,is living, as with broken heart.  
The secrets of nature present such delightWhether it be how the sun rises or how fire ignites.
Four once, What makes me feel good  Isn't some medication Or a blade. It's not something to be stereotyped.   Four Once,  It's something to applaud, To marvel.
I was walking in glorious light, Glorious light, gold, painted bright, That was what mattered, As long as things weren’t stained, weren’t tattered,
Her voice curls around my ear, hushed like fog. Today’s sunbeams fail to illuminate her voice into words, leaving me held only in sound.   I stand, a stagnant pool, unable to breathe
Phone at one-hundred percent, Music app opened, Headphones plugged in, Zoned out.  Brushes gathered,  Paints wet,  Cup filled with water,  Ready.  Image has been sketched.
When minutes seem like hours and hours like days,  When you just need to step away,  Away from the daily craze, When you don't want to stay.   Or on those sleepless nights,
Life can be overwhelming. (No, let me restate that) Life can be Condescendingly, Overbearing with its Unrelenting,
It’s watching the crystal water stretch out until it touches the clear sky in North Carolina,
My personal pick me up is Unoriginal, but it never ceases to  Satisfy me. It's easily accessible and
Stress. It’s everywhere, a vulture waiting until I drop. Waiting, waiting until the last brick is on my shoulders and I crumble into nothingness.
On days where you're feeling rage and hate You're feeling inadequate, or just running late You just can't seem to ever get ahead It's like life weighs you down, like you're made out of lead
My school life is getting hectic My anxiety is overflowing From microbiology to my nursing courses My panic starts clearly showing   I think I’ve had enough My stress has reached the max
That moment where life is at peace, where the music is bumping, peoples feet are stomping. When the crowd is roaring so loud that it get's your blood pumping. That moment I'm in my zone, on that stage, I'm home.
It's the simple things in life, chnage your perspective it's not about the strife, That's what I did some time back, Satifying my sweet tooth with an oreos snack, The encouragement I receive from my mama,
If the rain must fall My bed is my sweet haven Sheets wrap me with warmth   As the comfort starts The sun begins to shine bright A new day is born     
A long distant walk with the energy of the sun in any season. My nostrils open up with the smell of thanks giving.
Music is my not so quiet 'quiet place'it keeps my heart steady not racingThe beat times with my heartand it's hard to keep us apartThe lyrics roll off my tongueand I've climbed another rung
I see them. They start to emerge from the darkness. Slowly, enticing, flawless. The excitement builds inside me. And then... In unison they begin to move, their bodies in sync.
A bad day is one to remember, especially when you think about things you wish had happened that would’ve made the day better, but it just didn’t turn out that way. But why?
The rain slides down the window, A surface on which water may cling, perhaps, But gravity dictates that water must go down.  For water has no true foothold.   So, the rain slides, Quickly or slowly,
When days are dreadful and they drag one down, The act of finding bliss is cumbersome. A time where the world was your own playground, Playtime came before personal income. Far away. Go back. Rewind.
Yesterday it was raining. there was a torrential downpour that would turn itself on and off like a light switch  and I felt at peace. days like this are ones I can go back to in times of sadness or distress
 Preferences Preferences
When depression begins to take its toll I scavenge for earth, sun, and seed I let it take root starting in my soul A sunflower is all I need   Some days I can't get out of bed
Loving the sound of rain hitting the roof of my dorm, nature's alarm clock. Overjoyed, I run outside.
In a deserted place, Dying at a slow pace, Looking for someone to embrace,   Met someone who was so kind, Like water that glistened softly by my side, She gave me water so I won't dry,  
 If you look at this lake  At just the right spots  On sunny weekends alone  If you look at it just right  The world will sparkle  The world will glint in white  And, for just a moment,  You think, maybe,  If you could come from a place so beautif
As I fell through, Through the seemingly endless Pit of darkness, So did you.   We were unwanted, We were rejected, We were misunderstood, Until the day we met.  
Face toward the bright sun, Breathe; the cool capricious  breeze. know...life's amazing.  
Tears like oceans filling the boats of my face, the swelling of pain begins again. Earbuds in and volume growing, the loneliness and heartache is overtaken.   From rap to classical,
I pray and pray for a blessed day, And let the pain of yesterday fade away, Listening to music makes my curious heart sing, Bringing back old memories and many beautiful things,
Every day is a new day The pain of yesterday has faded away Sunlight squeezes through the trees to light the way For a much better today   Work or a school may be a bore
My heart skips a beat when I remember the importance of me. I'm strong and I'm different.  I'm loud without reason. This is the power of me.  Whenever I'm feeling down I just think to myself, 
It means something when someone tells me I’m beautiful because inherently as humans we focus on the negative and the positives seems so small living in a world where physical beauty is king and hatred is so prevalent
A world so dark and gray So discouraging and uninviting When all seems moot, Take me to another world   Let me live another life
Tumbling my queue There’s rain on the window Pitter pattering away I don’t have to leave the comfort Of my bed.
I'm not the prettiest girl   Guys don't stop and stare   They pass and glare   I don't have the finest hair   I don't have the best body  But I have my personality  
It's simple what makes me happy. The smile that lights my face, Comes from the words written, So beautifully across a page.   And I love it when it's dark, When the sun's gone for the day,
Today I feel amazing Amazing to feel great in my own skin To choose to not listen to the condecending words of discouragement  To feel how I want to feel. There is nothing stoping me from all that I can and will do,
Rain on my window I've never been so happy Safe in my cocoon
you are the sun behind the clouds,  the rainbow behind the sun,  and the galaxy behind the rainbow.    you make me feel beautiful.  you make me feel complete. 
When my days are long, and all my tears have shed, all I want is to lay in my bed. I have a extra thick comfy mattress, and a wall tapestry that mimicks a fortress. Once I take a very long nap,
When I'm feeling down and have the blues, I plug in my ear buds to keep my cool, I wrap in my blanket and cover my feet, And close my eyes to feel the beat.
The things that bring joy to my face? A smile and a gentle embrace A novel or two My black converse shoes Some tea and the stars up in space  
Our world is a scary place a place with hate and discrimination of race people are scared to speak don't wanna be that one geek the geek who stand out in the crowd
A piano is not gray for a reason. The notes are either right, or they are wrong. Black and white are the only two places
Friday is the best day of the entire week Around the world from the U.S. to Mozambique The end of our suffering is almost here All of our worries are about to disappear   No more work and no more school
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