Heroes Who Never Were

Wed, 10/19/2016 - 22:28 -- Katahar

When minutes seem like hours and hours like days, 

When you just need to step away, 

Away from the daily craze,

When you don't want to stay.


Or on those sleepless nights,

When insomnia's bugs seem to bite.

Try, try as you might,

But you know you'll never win these fights.


So there's one place to turn,

somewhere you'll constantly learn

not about physics and calculus,

but the ways of righteousness.


From Those who never were born

But to goodness are they sworn.

Seem to have the most to teach,

Without the need to preach.


Adorned in reds and blues,

From them we learn the truths.

While being a source of inspiration,

They become a source of admiration.


Teaching the rewards of perseverance,

That even the smallest action can make a difference,

Inspiring us to work for change,

Working on even the smallest stage.


Whether spending hours on end,

Seeing those they defend

Or a few moments at a time,

As they work to curb crime,


The ones on who we can rely,

to always teach right from wrong.

To be a beacon of hope.

Whether to entertain or simply to cope.


Such heroes; Such stories

Such a movement,

Caused by those who never were.

In some of Earth's greatest literature.

Lies simply in a comic book.

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