Skin Deep

It means something when someone tells me I’m beautiful

because inherently as humans we focus on the negative and the positives seems so small

living in a world where physical beauty is king

and hatred is so prevalent

We sometimes need to take a moment and just love ourselves

But sometimes self love comes from the love of others

Because beauty

it isn’t just about physical appearance

It isn’t about the amount of makeup we do or don’t wear

It isn’t about how people physically perceive us

and yes that does play a part don’t get me wrong

But really

We just want to feel acknowledged 

To know people see us

They really see US


There’s beauty in everything they tell me

But sometimes that’s hard to see

and I need someone to remind me 

that I am someone

someone to be proud of

someone that embodies beauty in the way she walks and talks

but it isn’t solely my physical appearance

that makes me beautiful

That it’s the creases in my smiles

but also the way I nervously chuckle at my own jokes because I’m not the most likable person

because I know not everyone loves me

but in that moment 

when someone acknowledges my beauty they are my number one fan


Beauty is only skin deep and my friends always tell me that

But sometimes it gets tough seeing the models in the magazines

Perfectly Airbrushed Beauty

and yes, the media constantly criticizes the publication industry for shaming what is considered “real women”

and yes I know what I see on tv isn’t reality

But sometimes it feels good to know someone values your beauty

I know I’m no model 

I am no Cara Delevingne or Gigi Hadid

And it’s taken a while but I’ve come acknowledge

that despite what every feminist says

Beauty Isn’t Just Skin Deep

Beauty comes in different forms

and it isn’t just physical nor is it just through a person’s personality

Beauty is what one encompasses in every part of their being

We all want to feel accepted

and yes I love myself 

But sometimes it feels nice to hear someone say that I’m something special



I am a confident beautiful woman

but sometimes we all need a little validation

And yes it has nothing to do with the evaluation

of my true value

And yes it goes against every feminist ideal I have grown and prided myself on

that countless individuals have fought for

But I’m only human and we all yearn to be accepted however childish it may seem

So Yes

When someone tells me I’m beautiful 

It brings me joy

I appreciate it

Not because I’m seeking the approval of others

But because I’m seeking the approval of myself


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