a broken heart

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 you threw my love away like an old ragged anne doll. you traded me in for a better model. i'm not sure were i became worthless to you. actually, i have an idea on why i was no longer enough for you.
I was made shattered.A ruined soul now existswhere a whole person once was.I break plates and glasses,smashing them for r
I say a word You say goodbye My smile don"t last long My face as pale as winter Your voice as painfully as a gun shot Fell down, the very last word i want to tell you is I LOVE YOU!!!
i had you i held you you were mine it was us she came along met you through me it was us three she has you i still hold you you are hers leaving me behind  
you play with my strings plucking and pulling making me do  what ever you please you toyed with my heart and squeezed my lungs made my blood stop flowing and pulled my life apart
I should have known. My heart never fails to end with an empty feeling. Why must I torture myself? Pushing these confusing feelings away, when it is the emotions I wish to experience the most.
It's been a while now That I've had a liking for you Hidden in the shadows of our friendship Slowly kindled for years Perhaps it could be love But who knows, There was no intention
People Like Us   People like us are attracted to toxic people. We have kind, fragile hearts that can be easily broken when passed along to shaky hands. Loving hard and enduring large amounts of pain.
The vulnerable time of the year where everything hits you at once; when the mind and feelings aren’t clear and you feel like a dunce.
Lips that slip, And the truth doeth strip, But their lies, Decides, And her heartbeat cries, And the anguished denies, But Still, Their wretched lies.   Hearts that fumble,
There will come a day when SHE appears.   You will see him in a picture and the hand interlocking his will not be yours.
I will never be the one who wins when I take my bow or if I win that crown my helpless mind will look around a smile on my face a dagger in my heart broken I will stand
Remember when you laid next to me in my bedYou remember, yeah don't you?Covers over us and bodies pressed togetherYou loved me, didn't you?Well that's what you said when we were done fucking
I lie here with him, with her. He is holding me like I am his all and I lie here stiff as a board. She stole my heart, a heart that was once his, a heart that was once warm with love and passion.
So here's the story I would like to tell  Where here I'm considered the Tinkerbell I helped and helped Peter a lot But to help me back is what she forgot  She was focused on Wendy and all his troubles 
Let me explain the difference between me and her  I'm a queen  shes a lame
I still remember the day you told me you loved me It’s one of my favorite memories I replay in my head We walked along the river and you looked at me like I really was someone special
I have gained nothing but pain You destroyed every part of me, Now I am scared to feel All because of you.   I was thinking about the day we met
Skies darken,The cold arrives. Earlier stays; Later goodbyes.Your face stained in my brain... Every feature saved and secured.Your touch burned into my heart...
I. Silver painted words taste like old memories of happiness you thought you lost in the crash, and the butterflies you thought got loose when you scraped at your stomach still tickle at your spine
You promise me that you will never leave. I swear every time a promise  comes out of your mouth, it's already broken because you y love don't mean it. Keep breaking promises but, one day
Grandfather, If I can call you that, Would you have loved me as a child of your child? That is what I am.   You left my mother so many times, Wounded a part of her spirit she doesn’t like to show,
I miss you, I love you. What day is it? Where are you? Hey,   Hello. What are you doing today?
I am not crazy I tell myself over and over, but the more I say it, it becomes harder to believe it The small letters on the bottle read antipsychotic
It's the color of fire as it dances in the wind, alone. It's the hue of her lips as she leaves a trail on his neck, like a sentence that will never be finished. It's the color that rushes to your fingertips
Do the things I say, form truth or lies. could you even tell throughThose watering eyes. It’s hate,it’s lust,it’s all to much. I’m drowning in our memories. You came and walked all over me!
As each day goes by there is not a hour I am not thinking about you I can't even type this poem without tears forming in my eyes Why did you have to do me the like that?
I just wanted to say hi...and that, that smile you wear still shines the same Those hands of yours still appear to be soft You never were a rough player
My life differentiates from yours Different paths mistakenly have met Shooken we are to the core But there is still no regret We smile at each other from behind the scene 
Maybe we'll find each other again At a coffee shoppe or at a bar with happiness or a broken heart Tempting to start again, with a hello Or leaving with the memories, with a goodbye
Your love was a bouquet of roses, deep scarlet, like your proclaimed adoration for me.   The storm, immense with grief, truly impossible to escape.  
The crimson petals of the past, remind me of the colour of your lips, the rain of your weeping.   Never did you listen, when the angels warned you of my curse, all I touched went toxic,
A girl, Just a girl Lives with a broken: Smile, Heart, Life. Waiting for a chance, Just a chance To prove who she really is. Tired of tears on her pilliows,
Her tears fell down her face As she let her crown fall He picked her up slowly Knowing she no longer trusted him He kept repeating sorry But all she felt was the vibration of his lies
I hear these noises so often I hear myself scream back at them, "Stop!Stop!" I wish they wouldn't say it. I wish they would be nice. "Your voice is like a razor clawing through me at night"
We've been best friends since the beginning,But now this is the endI'm saying goodbye to living.
Your heart is the car And your windows are tinted You never let anyone go far Afraid that you still won't be minted You've been on several rides though But being slow and cautious
Without you I have nothing to cling to My heart is a shattered pane of glass My hands are cut from trying to pick up the pieces And you just sit there and laugh at the blood dripping from my hands
That special moment,  The instant bond between mother and child The crazy range of emotions ending in excitement You are a family. That instant there is nothing more important Nothing more beautiful
You know who you are. You were my shining star. I thought I was so in love Thought you were my hero from above. We made promises to the other But I kept mine, while you were with another.
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