Dear You,

You know who you are.
You were my shining star.
I thought I was so in love
Thought you were my hero from above.
We made promises to the other
But I kept mine, while you were with another.
I thought I was your girl
But now your lies make me hurl
You broke my heart and soul
Now I want to hide in a hole
But I will stand up and fight
Because I don’t need you for light
You can’t keep me down for long
My soul is much too strong
I would’ve done anything for you
Now I know the lie is “I love you, too”
To you, love means naught 
Realizing now, how much we fought
Your smile does not affect me
For the real you, I now see
I now give up on you, my dear
Now you can get your own damn beer
My heart can’t take your cost
So kindly, get lost!
Truly not yours, a broken heart.

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