Blues 11/14/16


United States

The vulnerable time of the year where everything hits you at once; when the mind and feelings aren’t clear and you feel like a dunce.

I didn’t give a fuck about the emotions represented in the emoji, I wanted to run amok, to sail out in the sea.

I lied when I said I liked it when you called me a princess; guilt plummeting into a pit that I cannot diss.

The pet name reminded me of my neighbor’s chihuahua and to be candid I loathed that chihuahua.

Cannot post this on social media without you liking, commenting, or retweeting; multimedia suddenly coinciding.

The attention, affection, tenderness, and honesty- gross! Your undivided cleverness to give me your love in an overdose.

And the click we had in the beginning, some twisted game to get my head spinning I must proclaim.

Your ability to give me the world even though my ambition to conquer it myself in a furled blanket; I must say adieu.

I knew I would eventually break another piece of your shattered heart; not even your brother could fix what I battered.

I warned you but did you listen?


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