To say good bye before hello

That special moment, 

The instant bond between mother and child

The crazy range of emotions ending in excitement

You are a family.

That instant there is nothing more important

Nothing more beautiful

Your entire world changes 

You feal a love beyond mesure

You see a light in what used to be a dark future

Plans change 

 All around this beautiful life inside you

Suddenly There is so much blood

You become terrifyed and irrational

You see what you know are your babies slipping from your body

Noting you can do to stop it. 

The world grows dark and distant

All small glimmers of hope and joy die

You feel the grund beneith you tremble and crumble

Out of no where you are falling

 Plumiting into the deepest darkest pit of dispare

Your sould is being ripped from your body 

Your heart being shreaded by billions of ghost shreadders

Your knees buckle and you drop,

The Doctor cant even catch you

There is nothing left to catch,

 Just an empty shell

Of what used to be a woman

What would have been a mother

The darkness surrounds you

It becomes you

It eats away at you until there is nothing left

Your loved ones do all they can 

Trying to pull you back from the brink of the obyss 

You are scared 

You don't know if you want to face the wold alone

You are so empty. 

So lost

OH to say good bye without the pleasure of saying hello

The los and emptieness gives way to Anger and greif 

Will you be able to ever re join the living?

This poem is about: 
My family


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