Your Mistake

Let me explain the difference between me and her 

I'm a queen 

shes a lame

just trying to get some fame 

the worst part of it all is I'm the one you blame . 

while all I did was make sure your name wasn't in shame . 

but whatever it's cool 

I'm not going to be the fool 

you'll be mad when I'm making everyone else drool 

loyalty was my only rule

you seemed to find your own rules

do that shit in your own room 

waste my time I guess that's fine 

hay what can I say I guess I wasn't a dime .

don't be mad when she leaves for fag

It will be own your damn fault for treating me like trash

its okay imma move on cause your the in the past 

I might not be your first but I treated you like you were my last





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