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Who am I-  so quiet and shy? Wake up, Go to school, Repeat. What does this say about me? Join a club or make a friend.  The choice is yours- for it is your time to spend.
I am to the world who I show I am. For nature I am who I am In my downs I am not who I am suppose to be. In my ups I am who I am. I follow my onw style because, I don't want to be a robot following others
If you looked for my name on the front of a book, I don’t think you’d bat an eye, For my story would be just words on a page, All meaningless words floating by,  
                Who wants to be the brightest of them all?                 Who wouldn’t want to be?                 But existence is an eternal purgatory                 Mind like the ocean waves that flow so effortlessly
I am. I am actions. I am desires. I am dreams. I am thoughts.   I am a fear of stairs.
Ice cold like the Buffalo lake breeze, my heart was born with no such ease. Growing up being alone, not having a family to call my own; So much hate and envy spread amongst us all.
I am tenacious I spread my wings with the traumatized beast
I am art. My body is my canvas, my emotions are my songs, my heart beats the purest melody all dayand all night long. When i dance, I sway to the beat,
"SYA! SYA!# That is what we say Step, Step that is what we do We have the rhythm and spirit of sorority to Because we are family we put it to the test
I ama brilliant thunderstorm of energyand the world may slip through the fingers of othersbut not minefor I refuse to be mutedI will seize the dayrun aheadsail over oceans
I Am, just two simple words. These words carry the weight of the person who is me. I am someone who makes mistakes.  I am never perfect. I am never going to do right by everyone.
I grew up country Strong and proud I became a young women Silly and loud  
I am not weak. {I won’t deny my flaws and insecurities. I’ve been bruised and broken in places, used and abused and pushed aside and wasted, disregarded and shamed, manipulated and blamed,
I am me because of where I'm from I am me because of what I've done I am me because of how I've lived I am me because of the things I've been apart of   I am me because I'm from a small town
Color me with shades of gold It will fade and surely show Cracks and holes that you hid Imperfections that will always live
Baby Phat Shout- Out Atigre’ Farmer © Copyright 2013        
Here I am, Standing upon the front lines, Braving the harsh winter and the hottest summer. Here I am, Walking tall even though I hide among the rest. Here I am, Giving advice to anyone who needs it.
Who is me? Me is as plain as can be tall with dark brown hair and the matching eyes if anyone seems to care quiet and shy I tend to always be asked why gifted with a beautiful voice I sing and sing
  In another life,
A silly image of humanity If two men love ''This it’s bad'' If a girl loves to another is
I am Lonely but strong sad but happy throught the years things happen mom getting sick needles and medicines all around me, wondering why more and more I wonder why 
I may be young, and I may be fifteen. However, I'm not what you think I am. I'm that someone that others call "weird", I'm that individual that others don't appreciate.
I am a cup of tea on a winters eve an acquired taste I am unique and sweet little clouds of charm and grace I am the smell of delight take a deep breathe and breath me in
Who are we? Who are they? Who is she? Who is he?  But most importantly who am I? Everybody yearns to be somebody, to be remembered, but why?
I am a voice, and that voice has power. I am someone that can make a change in this world.
   I am simple. But not simple minded.    I am Intelligent.
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